"Already, research funded by the EPA and SEAI has started to identify and set out possible long-term visions for the energy sector. The EPA and SEAI have initiated a process of examining plausible roadmaps for delivery of long-term goals, e.g. ongoing work under the “Energy Modelling – Irish TIMES” project being carried out in UCC, which helps to establish the likely structural changes implied by very ambitious longterm targets consistent with the EU 2050 Roadmap. For the purposes of informed and effective policy development, this hugely valuable work in the energy sector must be replicated in other sectors."

Department of Environment, Community, and Local Government (2011), National Climate Policy Review


This section is under construction and will be updated shortly.

The Sankey diagram below represents the Irish Energy System in 2012. The data source is the SEAI energy balance, with trade data from the IEA. The thickness of the pathways between each box is representative of the flow of energy between each energy transformation process. Energy flows from left to right. The visualisation is interactive to aid understanding of the total energy system, to move and compare the scale of energy generation and consumption of differing sources. For example compare the scale of renewable generation to to all electricity generation or to the final energy consumption of each sector

We have a short PREZI which gives a simplified overview of Energy and Climate Policy in Ireland below. 

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