Dr Fionn Rogan Research Fellow +353 (0)21 420 5282


Research Interests

Climate technology; technology evaluation; innovation systems; energy systems modelling; energy policy; ex-post analysis of energy policies 


Fionn has been a researcher with the Energy Policy and Modelling Group in UCC for over seven years. He is interested in a wide range of techical, policy and business aspects of the ongoing transition to a low carbon energy system. He has worked on projects such as energy systems pathways to decarbonise Ireland's energy system, the impact of energy efficiency policies, and the role of innovation in climate technology diffusion. Fionn has a PhD in Energy Systems Modelling, an MEngSc in Sustainable Energy, and a BEng in Industrial Engineering and Information Systems. He is a senior researcher on a new project co-funded by the NTR Foundation and SFI which is called Opportunities for Ireland in a Low Carbon Economy - Our 2050. 


Dineen D., Rogan F., Ó Gallachóir BP. 2015 Improved modelling of thermal energy savings potential in the existing residential stock using a newly available data source Energy (in press)

Welsch M., Deane P., Howells M., Ó Gallachóir BP., Rogan F., Bazilian M., Rogner HH. 2014 Incorporating flexibility requirements into long-term energy system models–A case study on high levels of renewable electricity penetration in Ireland Applied Energy 135, 600-615

Rogan F., Cahill C., Daly H., Dineen D., Deane JP., Heaps C., Welsch M., Howells M. Ó Gallachóir BP. 2014 LEAPs and Bounds—an Energy Demand and Constraint Optimised Model of the Irish Energy System Energy Efficiency 7 (3), 441-466

Chiodi A., Gargiulo M., Rogan F., Deane JP., Lavigne D., Rout UK.,Ó Gallachóir B.P. 2013 Modelling the impacts of challenging 2050 European climate mitigation targets on Ireland’s energy system Energy Policy 53, 169-189

Rogan F., Cahill C. and Ó Gallachóir B. P. 2012 Decomposition Analysis of Gas Consumption in the Residential Sector in Ireland Energy Policy 42 :19-36. 

Rogan F, Dennehy E, Daly H. E., Howley M. and Ó Gallachóir B. P. 2011  Impacts of an Emission Based Private Car Taxation Policy – One Year Ex-Post Analysis. Transportation Research Part A Policy and Practice Volume 45, Issue 7, Pages 583-597 

Invited Papers 

Rogan F. and Ó Gallachóir B.P 2012 Building Regulations - How Effective Are They at Delivering Energy Efficiency? ESRI UCC Energy Modelling Research Seminar, ESRI, June 2012, Dublin, IE. 

Rogan F., Deane J.P., Cahill C., Dineen D, DalyH., Whyte K. and Ó Gallachóir B.P. 2011 LEAP OSeMOSYS Ireland. Proceedings International Energy Workshop 2011 Special Session on OSeMOSYS, July 9 2011, Stanford CA. 

Rogan F. and Ó Gallachóir B. P. 2011 Quantifying the impact of the 2002 Building Regulations. Presentation to Energy and Emissions in Ireland Seminar, DIT, Dublin April 8 2011. 


Ó Gallachóir B.P., Deane P., Chiodi A., Glynn J., Rogan F., 2015 Energy Modelling To Inform The White Paper Submitted to Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

Deane P., Curtis J., Chiodi A., Gargiulo M., Rogan F., Dineen D., Glynn J. Ó Gallachóir B.P., 2013 Technical support on developing low carbon sector roadmaps for Ireland Submitted to Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government

Daly H., Dineen D., Rogan F., and Cahill C., Bottom-Up Energy Demand Modelling – LEAP Ireland. Section 7, SEAI Energy Forecasts for Ireland to 2020, 2010 Report

Conference Papers

Rogan F. and Ó Gallachóir B.P. 2011 Ex-Post Evaluation of a Residential Energy Efficiency Policy Measure Using Empirical Data, Proceedings of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) Summer School, 6–11 June 2011, Belambra Presqu'île de Giens, France.

Rogan F., Cahill C. and Ó Gallachóir, B. P. 2010 Decomposition Analysis of Gas Consumption in the Residential Sector in Ireland Proceedings 9th YEEES (Young Energy Economists and Engineers Seminar) November 26 - 27 2010 Trinity College Dublin.

Dineen D., Rogan F., Cronin W. and Ó Gallachóir B. P. 2011 Modelling residential energy savings due to Ireland’s National Retrofit Programme using DEAP and LEAP. Proc International Energy Workshop 2011 Stanford University July 6 -9 2011, Stanford CA.



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