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Eamonn Mulholland


Eamonn is a Ph.D. candidate with a specific focus on transportation modelling and policy. He received his bachelor's degree in Energy Engineering from UCC in 2014. His research to date has focused on the modelling of private cars and freight in Ireland - updating the previously built CarSTOCK model and constructing a stock model of light goods vehicles (LGV). He has worked on creating a soft-linking methodology between the Irish TIMES model and the simulation models of private cars and LGVs to provide policy roadmaps to accompany technology roadmaps calculated from the Irish TIMES model. Eamonn is also working on the Danish based COMETS project, which aims to see a penetration of 100% renewable transport in Denmark by 2050.


Conference Proceedings & Presentations
Mulholland, E., Rogan, F., Ó Gallachóir, B., 2015. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Policy Evaluation – A Multi-Model Approach, Proceedings of the ECEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency
Mulholland, E., O’ Shea, R., Ó Gallachóir, B., 2015. Low Carbon Pathways for Light Goods Vehicles in Ireland, Proceedings of Irish Transport Research Network Conference

Working Papers
Venturini, G., Tattini, J., Mulholland, E., Münster, M., 2015. A Review of Integrated Transport and Energy System Modelling
O’ Shea, R., Chiodi, A., Mulholland, E., Ó Gallachóir, B., 2015. Domestic Bioenergy

Workshop Presentations
Mulholland, E., Rogan, F., Ó Gallachóir, B.P., 2014. Soft-Linking a TIMES Model and Sectoral Simulation Model for Individual Policy Measures, IEA-ETSAP Meeting, UN City, Copenhagen.
Mulholland, E., Ó Gallachóir, 2015. What will contribute more to emissions reduction in Ireland in 2020 – 50,000 EVs or improving the efficiency of petrol and diesel cars? ESRI – UCC Energy Research Workshop, ESRI, Dublin.

Mulholland, E., Deane, P., Ó Gallachóir, B.P., 2014. Heat and Transport Energy Scenario for Ireland 2030, Industry Report prepared by UCC.

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