The PLEXOS Integrated Energy Software is developed and distributed by Energy Exemplar

The software is used by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) to validate the operation of the SEM and is also one the software’s used by Eirgrid for operational power systems modelling. PLEXOS is an integrated gas and electricity operational model capable of modelling the integrated power system at temporal resolutions of 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The model is also capable of long term capacity expansion planning.  The term "capacity expansion" refers to the problem of finding the optimal combination of generation new builds and retirements that minimizes the total costs of the system over a long-term planning horizon. That is, to simultaneously solve a generation capacity expansion problem and a dispatch problem from a central planning, long-term perspective. In this regard UCC Energy Policy and Modelling Group have developed a number of bespoke academic PLEXOS models for Ireland and Europe. These models are listed below

For more information on these model please contact Dr Paul Deane

Detailed operational model of Irish power system with installed capacities calibrated to Eirgrid All Island Capacity Statements.  Model simulates at 5 minute to 60 minute resolution for the year 2020 and includes detailed reserve modelling.

This is a comprehensive market model of the North West European region (including Spain and Portugal). Renewable energy capacities are calibrated to member state NREAPS.  Model is set up for the year 2020.

This is a sophisticated long term capacity expansion model using new chronological modelling methods to determine optimal capacity expansion to 2050 under emissions reductions scenarios. The model also includes a high level portrayal of the gas network and is fully integrated with the electric model. 

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