Energy Systems Modelling  - Irish TIMES Phase II

Research Funding: Environmental Protection Agency/SEAI 
Duration of Research: October  2011 – October 2013 
In collaboration with: ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute)/ Teagasc/UCD
Post Doctorates: Dr Paul Deane

Modelling Private Car Transport Energy

Funding Source: IRCSET 
Funding: € 24,003
Duration: October 2009 – Sept 2010
MEngSc Student: Hannah Daly

Modelling Energy Demand in the Residential Sector

Research Funding: IRCSET
Duration of Funding: October 2009 – September 2012 
Funding: € 72,009 
PhD Student: Denis Dineen

Energy Systems Modelling – Irish TIMES –Phase 1

Research Funding: Environmental Protection Agency CCRP 2008 3.1 
Duration of Research: April 2009 – September 2011 
In collaboration with: ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute)
Funding: € 428,951 
Post Doctorates: Dr Ullash Kumar Rout and Dr Denis Lavigne

Modelling the Impact of EVs on GHG Emissions

Research Funding: Environmental Protection Agency CCRP 2009 FS 7-2 
Duration of Funding: January 2010 - December 2012 
Funding: € 319,000 
Post Doctorate: Aoife Foley

Modelling Energy Efficiency in Industry

Research Funding: Sustainable Energy Ireland 
Duration of Funding: February 2008 – January 2011 
Funding: € 100,000 
PhD Student: Caiman Cahill

Empirical Analysis to Improve Modelling of Future Gas Demand

Research Funding: Bord Gais Éireann
Duration of Funding: December 2009 – November 2012 
Funding: € 100,000 
PhD Student: Fionn Rogan 


Conflicts between Energy Policy Objectives and NCCS in Ireland:

A research project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, through the Environmental RTDI Programme. The aim of this project is to inform the successful implementation of the National Climate Change Strategy. This will be realised by increasing knowledge and addressing key information gaps surrounding the interactions between energy policies and the NCCS measures relating to the electricity supply sector.


Study on the Economic Analysis of RE Support Mechanisms in the Electricity Generation Sector

A research project funded by  Sustainable Energy Ireland under its Renewable Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Programme. The study is co-ordinated by the Energy Economics Group in Vienna University of Technology and the other project partners are Ecofys and Distributed Energy Compnay. It provides a detailed technical, economic, financial and regulatoy analysis of the various market based renewable energy support mechanisms the may be employed to meet Irish RE targets going forward. See Final Report


Measuring and Monitoring the Sustainability of Energy Trends

A research project funded by the Higher Education Authority, under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions. This is one of 5 projects under the strategic research area Sustainable Energy which is itself one of 9 areas around which UCC's Environmental Research Institute will be built.

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