Why join the study?

The UniCoV project aim is to get students and staff back to on-campus college life and keep it that way! 

UniCoV will help to create a Covid-safe campus by rolling out antigen testing and saliva testing for all participants acting as an indicator of any potential asymptomatic students or staff. who may be infectious with COVID. 

By participating in UniCoV you will help build a programme in UCC which works to maintain a campus full of life and can safety manage Covid-19. 

Sign up and join the Team, working to get UCC back to campus!

What is expected of you?

In order to participate in this study you will need to own a smartphone capable of downloading and running the UniCov-UCC app. If you do not own a smartphone it is not possible to participate at this time. 

What you will need to do to get started

  1. Read and understand:
  2. Complete the Consent/Sign Up Form 

Once you have signed up you will recieve an initial confirmation email. This will be followed by a second email providing:

  • the link to the UniCov App which you will need to download
  • information about which arm of the study you are allocted to
  • details around when and where you can collect your test kit on campus

During the study

    • You will need to carry out the tests twice weekly.
    • You will need to upload your interpretation of your test results via the UniCoV-UCC app
    • Collection times for UniCoV test packs are: 9 – 5 Monday to Friday form the Makers Space at the Hub.
    • You will need to drop off the saliva samples to campus drop-off bins, times and locations below.
    • An All week (9am - 5pm) drop off box is loacted at The Makers Space, Ground Floor at the Hub Building, Main Campus.
    • There are 10 Drop-off locations across campus, please see below details and location.

An open door with a stand up poster next to it describing the UniCoV study

  • You will need to complete a short questionnaire weekly

Yellow Bins

Bins times:

  • Makers' Space, the Hub: Monday to Friday 9 - 5
  • All other locations: Mon & Thurs 9 - 4, Tues & Fri 9 - 12

Bin locations:

  • Western Gateway Building - Main Reception Desk
  • Brookfield Health Science Building - Library Reception
  • Mardyke Arena - Main reception
  • Tyndall - Main reception
  • O'Rahilly Building - opposite the main reception desk on the right hand side
  • ERI - Main reception
  • CUH - Clinical Sciences Building
  • BEES - reception of enterprise centre
  • Food Science Building - 2nd floor lobby
  • CUDSH - near the exit door

A map off UCC main campus with pins marking locations

Further Information

For more information on the study, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. The UniCoV research study leaders can be viewed here.


Withdrawal from Study

Remember; you can withdraw from volunteering in this research project at any time, as prompted by a weekly questionnaire or by emailing 


Collection times for UniCoV test packs are 9.15 -12.45 and 14.05 - 16.30: The Makers Space, Ground Floor at the Hub Building, Main Campus, T12 YF78