About the UniCoV Antigen Study

About the UniCoV Antigen Study

The UniCoV Antigen Study follows on from the very successful UniCoV Study which facilitated a safe return to campus. In the original phase of UniCoV participants tested themselves for Covid-19 twice per week using antigen tests and also submitted saliva samples which underwent PCR testing in the lab.

In this phase of UniCoV, in addition to offering ongoing antigen test surveillance for Covid-19, we will also be screening for other seasonal respiratory viruses.

The advantages to each individual are that you will receive advice, support and additional testing, in the event of you becoming unwell. The advantage to the university is that through this project more will be learned about the incidence and prevalence of these seasonal viruses. The increased knowledge will support the Student Health Department.

This study is building on the learnings from the previous two phases of UniCoV to increase the knowledge around the use of mobile health apps, self tests and point of care tests.

Further information is available in the UniCoV UCC Antigen Study Information Sheet

Information on how we manage and use your data is available in the UniCoV Antigen Study Data Protection Notice

If you have any questions get in touch unicov@ucc.ie


9.15 -12.45 and 14.05 - 16.30: The Makers Space, Ground Floor at the Hub Building, Main Campus , T12 YF78