UCC Clinical Students App

About the App


The UCC Clinical Students COVID APP has been developed to ensure clinical students conduct a daily self-check  before attending on site in a clinical setting or on campus at the University. It also ensures that the user will receive appropriate advice and assistance if they think they have COVID-19.

Students will be advised by their School or Department if and when they are required to download and use the app.

Reasons behind the App

It is a requirement for students on clinical placements that they undertake a self-check for COVID symptoms and COVID infectious risk, before attending their placement location every day. UCC Student Health can then assist a student and provide approriate advice based on the declarations on the app and the student's recorded vaccation status. 

Benefits of using the App

  1. It ensures UCC complies with requirements and conditions laid down by our placement partners
  2. It lessens the chances of you attending on-site when you might have COVID
  3. It enables UCC Student Health provide you with prompt appropriate advice where needed.

Data Security

The app is GDPR compliant. UCC Student Health alone has access to the data you enter. Further detail is available on the Data Privacy Notice for the app. 

Who the App is for

The UCC Clinical Students COVID App can be used by registered UCC students on courses which involve clinical placement. 

Ask your School or Deparmtnet if you are unsure.

How to access the App

Mobile Access

For convenience, you should install the UCC Clinical Students App on your mobile device. It can also be accessed from your PC or laptop. The UCC Covid Tracker and Day Pass App is a Microsoft Power App. Microsoft Power Apps are available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store .

In order to access the UCC Clinical Students App  you must first access and download Power Apps. Power Apps is available to you through your UCC O365 Account.  Once you have downloaded and opened the Power Apps on your device, you will be prompted to enter your unique UCC Office 365 ID . You can then select and install the UCC Clinical Students App  and begin using it immediately.

You can also acess the app on your laptop or desktop by clicking here

Other Apps:

If you are enrolled in the UniCoV study, you will also need to use the UniCoV-UCC app on Mondays and Thursdays when you undertake Antigen Testing and Saliva Collection.

You are still required to use your UCC Clinical Students App on days you use your UniCOV-UCC app if you are attending a clinical setting or coming to university on that day.

When to use the App

You should use the UCC Clinical Students app:

  1. To complete a self-check of COVID symptoms and COVID infectious risk before coming on to a clinical site or campus
  2. To notify UCC Student Health that you are concerned that you may have COVID, even if you do not plan on coming to campus that day. 

Depending on the answers you select to the questions on the app, you will be issued with either a GREEN Day-pass or a RED Day-pass on the app.

  • A GREEN Day-pass confirms it is safe for you to attend
  • A RED Day-pass confirms it is not safe for you to attend, you should remain at home, and seek medical advice as one or more of these apply;
    • you have symptoms that may be COVID
    • you are (or may be) a close contact of a person with COVID and you are not fully vaccinated
    • you are in self-isolation or restricted movements
    • you have been tested for COVID
    • you have been diagnosed with COVID
    • you may have another infectious illness

You will also receive an e-mail  to your UCC email account, with advice on further actions.

Trouble Shooting the App

As with all technology from time to time you may experience issues. 

The UCC Clinical Students App does not appear in Power Apps

You need to be a registered student on a clinical programme for the app to appear. If you are not a registered student or you do not use a UCC email address when logging into Power Apps, then the app will not appear. 

I entered symptoms or infectious risks in error, and have been issued a red pass, what should I do?

You should return to the app home page and re-selecct REQUEST DAY PASS/LOG COVID STATUS, and complete the app again, remembering not to enter symptoms or infectious risk if they do not apply. You will then be issued with a green day pass. It is important that you do re-submit your answers truthfully and accurately. If you leave your answers as showing you as either experiencing symptoms or as a possible infectious risk you may be contacted by UCC Student Health to check your status.

I ommitted to enter symptoms/risk in error and have been issued a green pass, what should I do?

You should ignore the green pass, remain at home, and contact Student Health for advice.The app does not allow re-submission of answers once a green pass is issued. It is vital that you do not attend or leave home or remain on-site with symptoms or infecctius risk.

The App is showing me yesterday’s pass

This can happen if the App has been left open and has not refreshed. Refreshing the App will show today's pass. To refresh the App, follow these steps:


Click the back arrow at the bottom of the screen. Then go back into the UCC Clinical Students COVID APP from My Apps or All Apps within Power Apps. If the App still does not refresh then close Power Apps completely and go back in.

Apple iOS:

To exit the App on iOS, swipe from left to right starting as far left on the screen as you can. If the App still does not refresh then force quitting the entire App is another option. Depending on the device, it is either drag from the very bottom of the screen up or if the device has a home button double click that and then on both versions swipe the App up towards the top of the screen to kill it.

Gov.ie COVID Tracker app

All students are recommended to continue to use the national COVID Tracker app to assist with Contact Tracing.

This is available at https://covidtracker.gov.ie/ 

The national COVID Tracker app will:

  • alert you if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus)
  • keep other app users safe by alerting them if you test positive for COVID-19

Covid-19 information