COVID 19 Travel and Events

Travel to Ireland/Returning to Ireland

Students coming to Ireland from overseas must complete an On-Line Pre-Departure COVID-19 Symptom Tracker daily for 14 days up to and including the date of their departure.

If you have any symptoms or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 you must postpone your departure date until 14 days after your symptoms have resolved/ date of diagnosis. 

On arrival in Ireland students must complete an On-Line Restricted-Movements COVID-19 Symptom Tracker daily for 14 days starting on their day of arrival.

For the latest national advice please access the Department of Foreign Affairs site. 

For students or staff returning to Ireland from an affected area, advice is available from the  Department of Foreign Affairs webpage.

Details  on how to restrict their movements on return to Ireland and what it entails are available on the  Department of Foreign Affairs website. 

If you are not feeling well,  take the steps outlined on the Health Service Executive website



Travel Outside Ireland

In view of the direction from the Government on the 12 March and the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organisation, non-essential University related travel will not take place during the period of closure.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also advises against all non-essential travel overseas at this time. Please note that travel insurance providers will not provide insurance coverage for travel to a country under a designation such as this from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

On Campus Events

Arising from the closure of the campus, all events scheduled to take place on campus for the foreseeable future are postponed. This includes all recruitment activity.

There is no restriction on holding virtual events such as webinars or similar if they can be organised via remote means. 

Covid-19 information