Once-Off Access to University College Cork

Step 1: Get Authorisation

If a staff member wishes to gain access to campus to collect essential materials and/or equipment (such as office chair, monitor, etc.), they must submit a request to their Head of School/Function/Research Centre by email detailing the following:

  • materials they would like to collect;
  • equipment they would like to collect;
  • the reason why;
  • building and room (preferably room number) to be accessed.

The Head of School/Function/Research Centre will review the request.  If access is approved, the Head will email the staff member approving access and cc General Services on GSDO@ucc.ie and m.mccormack@ucc.ie

Step 2: Collate Requests (If applicable)

The Head of School/Department/Research Centre will collate all approved access requests for their area.

Step 3: Arrange Access

Once an approval has been received, the staff member must contact General Services to arrange access to the building.  

For access to Western Gateway Building and Brookfield Science Building contact Eamonn Connaughton (E.Connaughton@ucc.ie). 

For access to all other University buildings contact Michael McCormack (m.mccormack@ucc.ie).

Step 4: Access Campus

When accessing campus to collect materials please:

  • report to Security Reception on arrival
  • only access the buildings and rooms to which you have been authorised
  • wash/sanitise your hands before entering and after leaving the building
  • observe social distancing at all times
  • if you encounter another person when approaching a door, please stand back until they are clear
  • when using a lift or stairs, please ensure that the lift is free and the stairwell is clear
  • when entering/exiting any doors, please look left and right and proceed only if clear
  • persons descending stairways should give way to persons ascending
  • strictly adhere to public health guidelines on matters such as infection control and social distancing at all times (see https://healthservice.hse.ie/filelibrary/staff/covid-19-leaflet-a5.pdf )
  • limit your time on campus to the minimum duration possible

Step 5: Complete the Equipment Form (if applicable)

If you removed equipment, having previously been authorised by your Head of School/Function/Research Centre, please complete the Equipment Removal - Return Form detailing the type of equipment, make, serial number (if applicable), etc. and return to your Head of School/Function/Research Centre who will keep a central log of all equipment removed from University buildings.

Emergency Management Team