COVID-19 Control Measures

General COVID-19 Control Measures

In order to protect the health of the University community and to minimise the risk of spread of COVID-19 the following general controls are to be adhered to when accessing any University building.  These controls are in accordance with the Return to Work Safely Protocol.

Note: Specific controls related to the building being accessed are documented in the unit’s COVID-19 Operational/Response Plan.  Existing fire and occupational health and safety regulations must continue to be adhered to.

General Requirements

  1. Adherence to the following at all times:
  2. The activity must be work that cannot be done remotely and require access to University facilities. Staff should perform all other tasks remotely.
  3. Any observed non-adherence of Covid-19 procedures may involve revocation of access privileges.
  4. Access is only through the entrance specified in the Building plan.
  5. In general, lone working is discouraged unless it is of a low risk nature.
  6. While any staff member should not attend the University if displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, if a person displays symptoms or believes they may have COVID-19 whilst at the University they should follow the steps in their unit’s Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVID Procedure.
  7. Access for visitors and contractors is as set out in the Unit Operational/Response
  8. Access for deliveries is as set out in the Building Plan.

Social (Physical) Distancing Requirements

Public health guidelines require a distance of 2 metres or more, between people, where possible, when carrying out any task. Staff are to:

  1. Observe 2 metre social distancing where possible.
  2. Observe and follow all directional and other guidance signage within the building(s) and campus.
  3. Adhere to room/lab occupancy limits as displayed outside each room/lab.
  4. When entering/exiting any doors, please look left and right and proceed if clear.
  5. Keep 2m away from lift discharge points and stair access points.
  6. Minimise use of lifts or use them for the movement of heavy goods and impaired persons if possible. Lifts should be only used by one person at a time.
  7. When using a lift or stairs, please ensure that the lift is free or the stairwell is clear. Adhere to related signage instructions where one-way systems apply.
  8. If you see someone approaching any door, please stand back until they are clear.
  9. No hand-shaking.
  10. Meetings and communications should be conducted virtually using mobile technology e.g. MS Teams, email. If face to face communication is necessary, then it should take place, for as short a time as possible, in a large space where physical distancing can be maintained.


It is important that staff practice good hygiene at all times.  Staff are to:

  • Wash their hands with soap and water or sanitise with an alcohol-based hand rub regularly and in particular:
    • before and after eating and preparing food
    • after coughing or sneezing or blowing of one’s nose
    • after using the toilet
    • before smoking or vaping
    • where hands are dirty
    • before and after wearing gloves
    • before and after being on public transport
    • before leaving home
    • when arriving/leaving the workplace/other sites
    • after changing tasks
    • after touching potentially contaminated surfaces
    • if in contact with someone displaying any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Not share pens/stationary and objects that touch their mouth, for example, bottles or cups
  • Practice good respiratory measures to limit the spread of the virus including:
    • avoid touching the face, eyes, nose and mouth
    • cover coughs and sneezes with an elbow or a tissue
    • dispose of tissues in a covered bin
  • Clean their workstation and shared equipment before and after use.

Emergency Management Team