Our COVID19 Community Charter

Our Covid-19 Community Charter

The UCC community is strong, respectful and inclusive.

Together we face this challenge and together we will take the steps to protect our community.

The safety of our community relies on a responsible partnership.

Our COVID-19 community charter outlines the commitment we expect of our UCC community. throughout the current pandemic. As a member of the UCC Community I will:

  • RESPECT OUR COMMUNITY: I will behave appropriately, consider others and follow national, local and public health guidelines. I will act responsibly and exhibit empathy, respect, compassion, integrity, and due consideration to the wider community, my neighbours, my friends, my peers, my colleagues, and all others. These are core values of our Graduate Attributes Programme.
  • STAY SAFE: I will endeavour to follow all necessary public health guidance to protect myself and others, in particular by:
    • not attending or remaining at any UCC activity if I have, or may have, developed COVID-19 symptoms.
    • adhering to HSE advice on hand and respiratory hygiene and etiquette, social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.
    • downloading and using the HSE COVID-19 tracker app, where possible and feasible.
  • FOLLOW GUIDANCE: I will follow all UCC’s guidelines and Public Health Guidelines related to reducing the spread of Covid-19. I understand that this is likely to change so I will take personal responsibility for ensuring I am up to date with the latest health information.
  • GATHERINGS: It is my responsibility to understand and abide by all current public health guidelines in relation to indoor and outdoor gatherings (including, but not exclusive to, house parties and events).
  • As a student I understand that I can be held accountable if I breach the UCC students rules.
  • As a staff member I understand that I am accountable for my behaviour as per Staff Code of Conduct

Together, WE ARE UCC - help keep you and your community safe

Complete Return to Campus Induction

The community charter forms part of student and staff return to campus induction. Make sure you complete these modules on Canvas.

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