Microanalytical Services

Microanalytical Services

The Microanalytical Laboratory was founded in 1964 to offer a rapid, accurate and reliable contract analysis service to the academic and industrial communities. Equipment includes:

CE440 Elemental Analyser

CE440 Elemental analyser for the analysis of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. The CE 440 is capable of analysing a wide range of samples quickly and reliably, including organics and pharmaceuticals, environmental samples, polymers, refractories, and volatile and air sensitive samples. Such applications are valuable in the plastics, petrochemicals, agriculture, food, and pyrotechnical industries.

Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

An Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit, based on the Sch├Âniger flask method, is used for the analysis of halogens and sulphur.  This well-proven technique involves the combustion and subsequent analysis of a range of elements including chlorine, sulphur, and fluorine. A number of metals may also be analysed with this system.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

A Perkin Elmer 2280 Flame AAS for the analysis of a wide range of metals in different matrices.

A Mettler UMT2 microbalance weighing to 0.1 ?g.

We work within tolerance limits of ┬▒0.30%.   Results will be presented as a percentage value and are carried out in duplicate unless otherwise instructed.  A minimal sample mass of 3 mg is required per analysis.  To request an analysis, please download and fill out the analysis request form with as much sample information as possible. A purchase order should be enclosed; U.C.C. samples must include a research director's signature.

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