Digital Communications

Digital Communications

The Digital Communications Research group was established in the Department with the appointment of Dr. Colin Murphy as College Lecturer in Digital Communications. His research interests encompass aspects of the Physical and Data-Link Layers of the I.S.O. 7-layer model.

In the Physical Layer he is investigating the applications of new wavelet based techniques in the design of novel modulation schemes and in the realisation of adaptive equalisation strategies in the presence of non linear, time variant perturbations. Investigations into the design of channel optimised signalling wavelets (with and without cryptographic character) and best basis selection for non-stationary signal analysis are ongoing. Hardware implementation issues are also examined, in particular in relation to the mapping of the discrete wavelet transform to parallel implementation hardware.

In the Data-Link layer post-graduate research into the implementation of error correcting codes for disk drives is planned, in collaboration with Dr. P. Fitzpatrick of the Mathematics Department, U.C.C. and Dr. C. Lyden, CAD Group Director, National Microelectronics Research Centre, U.C.C.

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