Compliant Mechanisms and Robotics

Compliant Mechanisms and Robotics

The research in Compliant Mechanisms and Robotics focuses on applications in Precision Engineering, MEMS, and Bio-medical Devices including:

Nonlinear Analytic Solutions of Euler-Bernoulli Beams, Timoshenko Beams, Compliant Hinges/Pivots and Leaves/Blades/Sheets including the Post-buckling Analysis; Synthesis Method, Design, Modelling and Optimization of Positive/Negative/Zero-Stiffness Compliant Mechanisms; Creative Applications of Compliant Mechanisms such as Manipulators, Bio-Medical Devices, Sensors, and Grippers; Kinematics and Dynamics of Serial and Parallel Manipulators; Origami-inspired/Bio-inspired Mechanisms/Robots.


Several examples for the previously conducted works are shown as below: 


Fig. (a): Monolithic 3-PPPR XYZ CPM with Redundant Life (Mechanical Sciences, 2013);

Fig. (b): Monolithic 3-PPPRR XYZ CPM with Redundant Life (IMechE Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, 2014);

Fig. (c): Decoupled 3-legged XYZ CPM with Overlapping Stiffness Centers for Minimised Parasitic Rotations (Robotica, 2014);

Fig. (d): Under-actuated Bionic Hand actuated by Human Shoulder through Cable (Journal of Mechanical Design, 2009, in Chinese);

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