Nagesh Yadav

Wearable 3D Movement Analysis for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation


  • Nagesh Yadav
  • Chris Bleakley


Effective Post Stroke movement recovery largely depends on the long term, correct and repetitive execution of rehabilitation exercises. Due to the increasing number of stroke victims in an aging population and the limited availability of trained physiotherapists, there is a need for automated assessment and feedback tools for home based rehabilitation. The system must support a customised rehabilitation program with short-term goals under regular supervision, assessments and updates from medical experts is an efficient way to facilitate the recovery process of a stroke patient.   


The research covers the following key aspects for home based rehabilitation

  • An interactive, real-time system to assist rehabilitation of Stroke patients.
  • Capture of the 3D kinematics of the subject while performing exercise for telemedicine or subsequent review.
  • Assessment of motor relearning exercises performed by the subject.
  • Provision of qualitative feedback to the subject to assist in relearning lost skills.


Figure 1: Algorithm flow


An ambulatory 3D motion capture system for indoor environment is under development. 12 Sensor Units with Inertial Monitoring Unit (IMU) and Ultrasonic Ranging are placed on body segments as shown in figure 1. Each Sensor Unit is capable of capturing 6DOF motion of the associated segment in the local co-ordinate system. These are transformed onto fixed frame of reference for full body motion capture.

A few feature of the system is in sub-mm accuracy provided by ultrasonic signalling which allows absolute positioning at an update rate of 30 Hz suitable for human motion capture.


 Figure 2: Placement of sensor units on body segments for 3D motion capture


 Figure 3: Prototype built for accurate ultrasonic ranging



Analysis of the system design in simulation has been completed. The ultrasonic ranging system has been completed and its performance assessed. The IMUs are currently being integrated with the system.