Journal Paper

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Conferences Proceedings

Temko, A., McEvoy, R., Dwyer, D., Faul, S., Lightbody, G. and Marnane, W., "REACT: Real Time EEG Analysis for event detection”, 1st AMA-IEEE Medical Technology Conference on Individualized Healthcare, March 2010, Washington DC, USA.  ()

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Marinkovic, S., Puppo, R, Pan, R.L.C., McSweeney, R., and Popovici, E., “Implementation of a Secure Fall Detection System for Body Area Networks”, accepted in MIEL 2010.

McSweeney, R., Spagnol, C., and Popovici, E., “Comparative Study of Software vs. Hardware Implementation of Shortened Reed-Solomon Code for Wireless Body Area Network”, accepted in MIEL 2010.