Professional Master of Education (PME)

Professional Master of Education (PME)

The Professional Master of Education in UCC is a 2 year, full-time, level 9 postgraduate  initial teacher education course designed to qualify graduates as post-primary teachers*.  It is recognised and accredited by the Teaching Council of Ireland for the purpose of registration as a post-primary  teacher in Ireland and the EU.  The PME combines 2 year-long school placements with university lectures and tutorials, which develop student teachers’ requisite professional knowledge, skills, understanding and competences.


PME 2018-2019 School Placement Timetable

As soon as your School Principal confirms the first draft of your teaching practice timetable where you have been specifically timetabled with a co-operating teacher in both your teaching subjects, please download, complete all the information required, including the names of your co-operating teachers related to your subject(s).  When you have completed the timetable, please email a scanned copy to 

You can dowload a blank copy of your school placement timetable here: 



PME School Placement: Notification of Unavailability Form

ADVANCE NOTICE of cancellation of classes

Please alert the School of Education as soon as you know of the situation leading to your class not being available for your Placement Tutor to visit on any particular day. This can occur, for example, in the event of parent/teacher meetings, sports days, school concerts or masses etc.


Email with a scanned copy of the certified form (Pdf attached to the email) and Cc your Placement Tutor in the same email, no need for separate emails to staff.


LATE NOTICE of cancellation of classes:

This may occur due to student teacher illness or school closure, etc. In such cases, it is essential that students contact their Placement Tutor and the School of Education as soon as possible, prior to the timetabled class(es). As time is of the essence here, students are urged to email their Tutor. It is also imperative that you contact Myrhen Creedon at the School of Education office, by phone as early as possible. In this case, the same form as above can be used, certified by the School or accompanied by a medical cert/other document subsequent to the event. Please note that if a student is ill and cannot attend placement, they must also inform their placement school at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Email Tutor and copy
  2. Phone Myrhen Creedon, 021-4902465
  3. Scan and email the certified form to  and copy it to your School Placement Tutor.
  4. If applicable, submit an original hardcopy of any medical cert/other document to Myrhen in the School of Education office, UCC, Leeholme, O’Donovan’s Road, Cork City.


PME School Placement: Notification of Unavailability Form

School of Education

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