All Ireland All Active Body

Background to the All Island All Active Body

Founders: Fiona Chambers, University College Cork and Deirdre Brennan, University of Ulster (click on their names to access research profiles)

Background: The All Island All Active cross border body provides leading academics, practitioners, politicians, policy makers, parents, active sport participants and strategic industry partners a space to collaborate. Together they use knowledge exchange to shape evidence based teaching and learning strategies, to encourage individuals and communities to become and remain physically active across the lifespan, aiming to reach a '12% increase in physical activity in 12 years'

The Sport for Life All Island Research Study 2013-2016

Background to the Sport for Life study:

The aim of this study is to determine the effects of a school-based holistic physical activity intervention on the physical activity levels, sedentary behaviour, nutrition, blood pressure and the wellbeing of children aged 8-9 years from schools in socially disadvantaged areas on the island of Ireland. The school-based intervention will be conducted with 4000 primary school children over the course of 12 weeks. The children's levels of physical activity will be monitored at varying points, along with their food and drink intak, height, weight and blood pressure. An interview will also be conducted with each participating school principal. The study incorporates a strong mentoring for physical activity component, and will involve the mentoring of practitioners to implement the physical activity programme. Training with a Mentor Pedagogy Toolbox (Chambers 2015) will be conducted and its effectiveness will be investigated using:

  • Document analysis of mentoring practice in the selected schools
  • An open-profile questionnaire to each mentor-mentee pair
  • An online discussion forum to interrogate the Mentor Pedagogy Toolbox (Chambers 2015)
  • A one-day seminar to develop the training protocol using a Capability Maturity Model for Mentor Teachers (Chambers et al. 2012)
  • Validation of Training protocol with focus group comprising one mentor at each phase of Capability Maturity Model (Chambers et al, 2012). 

Project Team: Dr. Gavin Breslin, University of Ulster (PI), Prof Deirdre Brennan (UUJ), Dr Fiona Chambers (UCC), Prof Barbara Livingstone (UUJ), Tandy Haughey (UUJ), Richard Gormley (UUJ), Dr Yvonne Nolan (UCC), Pauline Jordan (GMIT), Dr Ger Clarke (UCC), Dr Janas Harrington (UCC), Patricia McCaffrey (SIT), Kerry Larkin (SIT), Shirley McKenna (SIT), Stephen Hannon (GMIT), Dr Catherine Woods (DCU), Dr Sarah Jane Belton (DCU), Dr Wesley O’Brien (UCC), Dr Donncha Hanna (QUB), Darryl McCullagh (UUJ), Kevin O’Callaghan (GMIT), Paul Donnelly (Sport NI), Peter Smyth (Irish Sports Council)

Conferences/symposia associated with Sport for Life

Preliminary findings from the Sport For Life All Island Intervention in Ireland on The role of student mentoring will be presented as part of a symposium at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, Chicago 2015.


Publications and papers related to All Island All Active

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Media coverage of All Island All Active

Condon, D. (2013) 'Researchers target physical activity'. Available at

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