Race Equality Forum


In 2019, the EDI Unit in copperation with the Equality Committee started the Race Equality Initiative.  It commenced with a number of meetings to try and gauge what issues are most prevalent.  It emerged early on that the first step should be to establish a university-wide Black and Minority Ethnic Staff and Student Forum to be co-chaired by a UCC staff member of colour/minority ethnic background and an external facilitator of colour/minority ethnic background with experience in this area.  The proposal includes holding four fora between October and March (2019-2020).  This forum would then make suggestions to the University Equality Committee to draft proposals for the university, with the hope that, following a period of reflection and discussion at the Forum, those ideas might be able to form part of an embedded programme of action for the university.  This does not preclude any anti-racist or training/awareness initiatives happening in the meantime.


To date, two forums have been held and were chaired by Dr Mark Chu, Dept. of Italian.   A co-chair is being sought at present.  The second two forums have been postponed due to Covid-19.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Unit

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