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Performance and Ireland’, Scene 8, Volumes 1 & 2 (2021) (Intellect)

‘Performance and Ireland’, Scene 8, Volumes 1 & 2 (2021) (Intellect) 

eds. Dr. Marie Kelly (University College Cork), Dr. Siobhán O’Gorman (University of Lincoln), Dr. Áine Phillips (Burren College of Art & Design).


This special double issue of Scene examines the pivotal role that performance has played in constructing and negotiating Irish identities within and beyond the island of Ireland, historically as well as in contemporary life and artistic practice. Collected articles explore a range of artistic practices as well as studying different indigenous, migrant, and diasporic Irish cultures through the lenses of performance and performativity. 


The scope of the journal is aligned with the interdisciplinary field of performance studies, particularly in relation to visuality, spectacle and display. Contributors to the journal offer new perspectives on the global field of Irish Studies by supplementing the traditional literary leanings of that field with examinations of more ephemeral, experiential and multimedia phenomena. Articles traverse areas of: culture, art and activism of feminist, LGBTQ+, migrant and minority communities; gender studies, critical race theory and postcolonial perspectives; the Troubles, the Peace Process and the Irish Border; Ireland and Irishness in international and globalizedcontexts; site-specific performance; commemoration, memory and hidden histories and/as performance; and digitized and technologically mediated engagements with Ireland and Irishness. Several authors analyse and reflect on their own experience as artists, activists, performers and/or audience members, sometimes blurring these classifications. 

Open. Organised by Dr Marie Kelly, Dept of Theatre

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