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Decolonising Methodologies and/as Enfleshed Reason

The Violence, Conflict and Gender Research Cluster, together with the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, would like to invite you to a research event next Tuesday, 16 March at 10am.


Dr Sara Motta, Associate Professor in Politics in the University of Newcastle (NSW, Australia) will join us to discuss her work on Decolonising Methodologies and/as Enfleshed Reason.


Details on the talk and how to attend are below. We hope you can join us. All welcome.

Decolonising Methodologies and/as Enfleshed Reason


In this presentation I explore my journey of co-developing decolonising feminist methodologies with raced and feminised women and communities and/as enfleshed reason, and how this is inseparable from the re-embodiment of scholarly practise and feminist theorising as liberatory healing. I’ll weave my reflections around some key themes of this praxis such as critical intimacy as opposed to critical distance, speaking from non-being as opposed to a default unmarked human subjectivity, multiple literacies of the political/theoretical as opposed to separation of the word from the world; and nurturing territories of body and Country/Madre Tierra as opposed to extractivist logics and rationalities. I hope that this disrupts taken for granted methodological framings and theoretical practices which reproduce the disavowal and denial of the knowing-being of raced and feminised subjects and thus relegates hir to absence and enforced silence, and also resonates with those engaged in such disruptive and heretical practices from decolonial and sister praxis.


Sara C. Motta is a mother, storyteller, poet, activist-political theorist, popular educator, and convenes the Politics Discipline at the University of Newcastle, NSW. Sara has worked for over two decades with communities in struggle forging emancipatory and decolonising pedagogical and epistemological practices and resistances/re-existencias in, against and beyond patriarchal capitalist-coloniality in Europe, Latin America and Australia. She has co-created numerous radical education projects and processes and published widely in academic and activist-community outlets and her latest book (2018) Liminal Subjects: Weaving (Our) Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield) winner of the 2019 best Gender Theory and Feminist Book, International Studies Associate (ISA). She is currently writing her next book (M)otherwise

All welcome. Organised by Violence, Conflict and Gender Research Cluster/Dept of Spanish, Portuguese & LA

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