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Rewriting our Stories: Education, empowerment, and well-being

Rewriting Our Stories: Education, Empowerment, and Well-being harnesses the therapeutic power of storytelling to convert feelings of fear and powerlessness into affirmative life narratives. Rather than seeing fear as an outcome, we can view it as a feeling in the moment largely governed by narratives.

Many of our fears are stories we tell ourselves, even if they are largely fictional and rooted in sociocultural belief systems. The result is that we often feel helpless in the face of those fears. This transformational book considers a potent antidote: by recognising our recurring negative stories, we can rewrite and transform them to achieve greater empowerment and well-being in our lives.

Throughout human existence, no matter where our place of origin or when in history, storytelling shapes our societies, influencing personal, sociocultural, educational, and public discourses that impact how we live. Creating and communicating the language of stories to ourselves and others enhances our innate voices and can empower us to engage in greater empathy, compassion and possibility. Intended for educators, leaders, therapists, mental health professionals and youth organisations, as well as the general public, Derek Gladwin offers practical and positive tools for everyone to re-author their lives.

This book shows how to harness the therapeutic power of storytelling to convert feelings of fear and powerlessness into affirmative life narratives.


A short animated video explaining the principles behind the book (4 minutes)



Written by Derek Gladwin who is the author of five previous, well-reviewed books and a highly respected voice in language and literacy teachings. He teaches in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia and also works with individuals and groups on narrative coaching.

― Taps into the growing public interest in the power of stories to influence our lives.

― Provides insight into how stories contribute to our sociopolitical constructs—and our response to them.

― Includes a tested, 7-stage process to help readers rewrite their personal or collective stories.

― Uplifting and highly readable, ultimately empowering readers to discover greater empathy and possibility in their lives.

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