10:00 AM, 11 Apr 2019 - 1:00 PM, 11 Apr 2019, River Room, Glucksman Gallery, UCC

Sexual Violence(s): Between Past and Present

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Languages and Cultures (CASiLaC) research cluster on

Gender, Violence and Conflict

Invites you to a Workshop

Sexual Violence(s):

Between Past and Present

Thursday 11 April 10 am – 1 pm

River Room (Glucksman Gallery)

10 am– 11am

Prof Linda Connolly (Maynooth University)

"Gender Based Violence in Ireland's Revolution: An 'Inconvenient Truth'"

As Ireland enters a new phase of centenary commemorations, a glimpse into the more horrific aspects of the War of Independence and Civil War is anticipated. During armed conflicts, women’s bodies also become battlefields and Ireland’s revolution was no different. This paper will explore how transgressive violence was perpetrated against women but it disappeared from public discourse after the Civil War due to conservative attitudes towards women, sex and sexuality in the new State, combined with a desire to forget the worst atrocities of the war. The absence of a truth or reconciliation process ensured any violence that was perpetrated against women during the revolution could be concealed or forgotten. The experience of women in contemporary Ireland must be considered if the commemoration of the War of Independence and Civil War is to seriously address the most difficult questions of the past. The question of the scale of violence against women during Ireland’s Revolution, when compared to larger-scale wars or World Wars, is a moot point. Gender-based violence occurred and it is an aspect of the revolution that has been hidden, suppressed and denied for too long.

11.30 am – 1 pm

Gillian Wylie (Trinity College Dublin) – “‘The Sex Trafficking Imaginary’ – Victims, Violence and

Advocacy Policies”

Theresa O’Keefe (University College Cork) – “‘Just the Usual’: Gender, Sexual Violence and

the State in Northern Ireland”

Caroline Forde (NUI Galway) – “What Can Hegemonic Norms of Masculinity Tell Us About the

Persistence of Sexual Violence”

All welcome

Free - all welcome. Organised by The Centre for Advanced Studies in Languages and Cultures (CASiLaC)

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