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The Gaposchkin Chandelier

The Irish Photonic Integration Centre invites you to participate in a newly commissioned piece of art by contributing your signature to


<span ">The Gaposchkin Chandelier, by artist Emer O Boyle, will be exhibited in The Lewis Glucksman Gallery in UCC as part of an exhibition on light called 'Prism', that will run from late November 2018 until March 2019. Following the exhibition, the Chandelier will be permanently installed at Tyndall National Institute and will form part of a wider exhibition that will celebrate Ireland’s contribution to science, highlighting Irish scientists, and the exciting careers and opportunities that STEM provides to students.

The Chandelier is inspired by Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin, who in 1925, discovered what stars are made of by observing the absorption lines in the spectrum of light they emit. Her profound discovery would change how we understand the physical universe forever...

Based on the spectrum of light from our nearest star, the Sun, The Gaposchkin Chandelier will be made with 603 test tubes each containing a symbolic absorption line. The absorption lines say '<span ">I can see a gender equal society' and mark UCC's commitment to addressing gender representation in STEM. Through an increase in colour over time, it will reflect our progress towards having 50% female researcher representation across all levels, from PhDs right through to Professors. We are looking for 603 staff and students to add their signature to these absorption lines which will be stored in one of the test tubes and ultimately form part of the The Gaposchkin Chandelier.

The Chandelier follows a full spectrum version that O Boyle created last year in an all girls secondary school. (Watch a nifty 3 minute video about the full spectrum version below).

We hope that many of you will embrace the opportunity to contribute to this project and be part of this lasting legacy.

<span ">If you wish to contribute your signature to this <span ">artwork, please get in touch with Sinéad Ryan (sinead.ryan@tyndall.ie), Education & public Engagement Officer at IPIC, who will coordinate delivery and signing of absorption lines within your department/unit.

Education & public engagement officer

Tyndall National Institute

Free - all welcome. Organised by The Irish Photonic Integration Centre, Tyndall Institute

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