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How can I identify student registered with DSS and the accommodations they will need for their online exams?

During the Summer and Autumn exams we advised lecturers that they could access these types of lists through DMIS. DMIS will allow you to identify which students in your class are registered with the DSS and also includes information with regards their exam accommodations. A User Guide on how to access this detail was developed by Jason Sheehan in Systems Administration and can be accessed via the link below.


We would like to draw your attention to the following: 

  • Page 15                            2.2 Report #1 – DSS Registrations
  • Page 16 & 17                    2.3 Report #2 – DSS Registrations - Advisory & Exam Info – By Module
  • DSS Tag does not automatically mean students receive exam accommodations, It is important to look beyond the tag refer to report #2.   
  • Report #2 lists the Disability Advisor currently supporting a student if you have any queries or concerns about that student please do contact the Advisor if would like to discuss further.
  • Class lists should be run in advance of all continuous assessment and end of semester exams as we are constantly registering students and updating ITS which will impact on the class lists.
  • Extra time is only approved for exams over 60 minutes, the norm for extra time is 10 minutes per hour however in a small number of cases it could be 20 minutes per hour.
  • Any queries with regards screen readers or other software needed by students can be referred to the DSS.
  • Any general query can be sent to


Types of Exam Accommodations available

Exam accommodations may need to be facilitated differently.  Please refer to the detail below and if you have any queries please contact the Disability Service at  


Extra Time


If the student normally gets 10 minutes extra time per hour for their exams this must be accommodated when setting up the assessment in Canvas

Extra Time as a reasonable accommodation only applies:

  • where an exam exceeds 61 minutes
  • to an exam that is under 4 hours in duration

Extra time reasonable accommodation will be facilitated as follows:

  • The extra time will be provided at the end of the exam in Canvas.
  • Extra time for a 90 minutes exam is 15 minutes.
  • Extra time for a 180 minute exam is 30 minutes.


The DSS is currently working with students to ensure they will have the support of a scribe remotely.

A Scribe can work with a student remotely and will be using Microsoft Teams.  Students and Scribes will be required to take part in a practise session prior to their first as well as familiarising themselves with Teams and Office 365 using the training material in the links below

The above recommendations are based on students using a computer running Windows.  If they plan to use another device contact

SPLD Stickers (Yellow Stickers)


Students will indicate they have a Spelling and Grammar Waiver on the Cover Sheet.  Where a Cover Sheet is not available students will type the text below before beginning to answer their exam:

I am registered with the Disability Support Service and I avail of a Spelling and Grammar waiver for my exams. Please see link to marking guidelines here

Rest breaks 

 Previously for exams that took place on Campus the clock is stopped for the rest break which is not an option for online exams in Canvas.  The rest break should now be facilitated by allocating additional time to the duration of the exam which will allow students to take a break where needed. 

  • for a 90 minute exam the rest break is 15 minutes
  • for a 180 minute exam the rest break is 30 minutes

Further guidance on how to set this up (including how much time to be allocated) can be found here: Accommodating Extra Time and Rest Breaks


Alternatives to 

Magnified Paper



As the exam will be online a hard copy will not be available so students have been advised to use Windows Magnification to enlarge the text on screen when necessary.  Link to training video below:

The above recommendations are based on students using a computer running Windows.  If they plan to use another device contact

Voice Recognition

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Voice Recognition can be facilitated for students who have used it previously in exams as they have been provided with a laptop that has Dragon installed on it by the DSS

Coloured Paper

Students have been advised to change the colour of the text or screen to suit their needs and this can be facilitated in Word or with Claro Read.

How To Video Guides can be found here.

The above recommendations are based on students using a computer running Windows.  If they plan to use another device contact


As the Semester 2 exams will be delivered online and students will be sitting them remotely the accommodations outlined below cannot be facilitated.  If you have any queries please contact


Special Chairs (e.g. kneeling chair)

Height Adjustable Desk

Noise Cancelling Headphones


 Arrive 30 minutes early

Setup an Exam Venue - (advice to student to set up an Exam Venue at Home can be found in the Student FAQs)


 If you have any queries around this please contact .


Exam Guidelines Infographic

Exam Guidelines Infographic

Disability Support Service

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