Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Screening Programme

SLD Screening Programme

The screening programme runs from October to April each year.


Dyslexia Screening

You may feel that the effort you are putting into your studies is not reflected in the grades you are getting. It is not uncommon for students to discover that they have dyslexia while they are in college. 

Some Characteristics of Dyslexia

  •      Slow hesitant reading
  •      Difficulty in understanding written material
  •      Frequent re-reading, losing the place when reading
  •      Poor spelling
  •      A difficulty with organisation or time management, often mixing up dates and times
  •      Difficulty sequencing thoughts clearly

The Disability Support Service provides a Screening Service for registered students of UCC. This service is free and aims to provide students with an indication of whether or not it would be useful for them to get a full Educational Psychologist’s Assessment. If the student wishes to pursue further testing after the screening a list of all registered psychologists can be found on the Psychological Society of Ireland website. Students may be able to seek financial support to have this full assessment from the Student Assistance Fund. 

 Screening involves:

  1. Completing the Screening Application Form
  2. You will be invited to a group screening. Please note that other students may sit the screening tests in the same venue as you. These screenings take place every Friday afternoon during term-time and last about 45 minutes. You will have your own individual workspace.
  3. If necessary you will be offered a follow up individual screening appointment, where you will have to carry out a number of pen and paper screening tasks. Your screener will be present and guide you through the process, which lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Please note that these sessions often book up quickly. As a result, students are encouraged to make contact with the DSS about screening as early in the academic year as possible.  

  • Screenings will not provide the student with a diagnosis
  • Students will not be provided with supports or accommodations in UCC on the basis of the results of a screening.

Screenings are carried out by the Advisor to Students with Specific Learning Difficulties and/or graduate applied psychology screeners. For more information please speak with the Disability Advisor to Students with SLD  



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