Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Screening Programme

The screening programme runs from October to April each year.

In an effort to assist students we try to offer 4 appointments each week for screening. Some of these sessions are in groups. Please note that these sessions often book up quickly and the process can take a month to 2 months to complete. If you would like to be assessed for dyslexia as a matter of urgency, you are advised to seek a private assessment. Please visit this link for psychologsits in your area http://www.psychologicalsociety.ie/find-a-psychologist/

If necessary you may be referred to an educational psychologist for further assessment after screening. There is a cost for this appointment.  Please be aware of this before you start the process. Whilst it is not compulsory to seek and educaitonal psychologist assessment, it is if you wish to register with the Disability Support Service. A screening does not constitute a diagnosis. 

Dyslexia Screening

You may feel that the effort you are putting into your studies is not reflected in the grades you are getting. You may feel that this can be explained by dyslexia. It is not uncommon for students to discover that they have dyslexia while they are in college. Dyslexia mainly affects reading and language skills and the effects can range from mild to very severe. The sooner dyslexia is spotted, the sooner suitable learning and coping strategies can be employed to minimise its effects.

Some Characteristics of Dyslexia

  •      Slow hesitant reading
  •      Difficulty in understanding written material
  •      Frequent re-reading, losing the place when reading
  •      Poor spelling
  •      Difficulty with organisation or time management, often mixing up dates and times
  •      Difficulty sequencing thoughts clearly

The DSS provides screening to students who are not yet registered with the service.  A screening appointment costs 20 Euro and must be paid ahead of the screening appointment. This screening involves carrying out a number of screening assessments to see if dyslexia may be present. Initially studens are met for a group screening. Please note that other students will sit the screening tests in the same venue as you. If necessary you will be offered a follow up individual screening apointment. Screenings are carried out but the Advisor to Students with Specific Learning Difficulties and/or graduate applied psychologiy screeners.

Some students may prefer to seek an assessment privately. A list of psychologists registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland can be found at http://www.psychologicalsociety.ie/find-a-psychologist/  Students who are at the end of their college career will be advised of these external assessment options.

The DSS also carries out preliminary screening for dyscalculia, dyspraxia and ADD. 

For more information on the costs associated with screening and full educational psychologist assessment, please speak with the Disability Advisor to Students with SLD  


Steps Involved in the Dyslexia Screening Programme

  1. Complete the Dyslexia Screening Application Form
    Please download the Dyslexia Screening Application Form from the link below, print it, complete it and hand it back to the reception desk at the DSS. A member of staff will read through the questionnaire and will get in contact with you when a screening appointment becomes available.
    Screening Application Form (139kB)
  2. Carry out a Group Dyslexia Screening Assessment/Individual Screening
    The screening tests are made up of several parts and may take place over a number of different appointments, each lasting at least one hour. Some students may also be called for a further individual screening appointment.
  3. Follow-up 
    Once the tests are complete a member of staff will read through them and meet with you and discuss the results. You may be referred on for a full educational psychologist assessment

Important Information

SLD Screening Guidelines (304kB)


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