The screening programme runs from October to April each year.

In an effort to assist students, the Disability Support Service in UCC is now offering screening and assessment for Developmental Coordination Disorder (also known as Dyspraxia). The screening and assessment is carried out by an Occupational Therapist who has specialised training in DCD assessment for adolescents and adults.  The screening and assessment process combines medical history, observations and Standardised Tests – including movement, hand-eye coordination, and sensory perception to confirm a diagnosis.


Screening days are available weekly by appointment. Screening involves the completion of a screening tool and a one-to-one meeting with the Occupational Therapist. The screening is used to determine if a full assessment is required. Screening costs €20 and this must be paid in advance.

Assessment days will be run one day a month so delays in assessment may occur. Full assessment will take 2-3 hours and involve a number of standardised tests. There is a charge for full assessment but it is significantly less than the standard rate or DCD assessment as it is subsidised by the university. If a diagnosis is given, the student will be provided with an appointment with the Disability Advisor for Students with SLD and will have the opportunity to register with DSS for a number of supports. The fee for an assessment is €160

If you are a medical card holder there is no cost for the full assessment. 

The process of receiving a diagnosis may take 2-3 months from completion of the screening tool.

Initial Screening Questions

  • Do you find it difficult to get your thoughts into writing?
  • Do you need help with everyday activities like remembering appointments?
  • Do you prefer solo sports to team games?
  • Do you lose things and feel disorganised?
  • Has anyone in your family (including Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents) had difficulties with reading, writing or general clumsiness?
  • Are you often late for lectures and meetings?
  • Do you get lost easily in new surroundings?
  • Do you feel you are underachieving academically?

If you answered YES to 4 or more of these questions, you may have DCD and need further screening.


Students who think they may have DCD (Dyspraxia) are encouraged to contact DSS about screening as early in the academic year as possible.


Please note that the DSS carries out screening and assessment from September to March each academic year. Students will be offered an appointment on a first come first serve basis.  At busy times there may be delays in receiving an assessment. Students can download the screening questionnaire at any time and hand it back to the reception at the DSS.


Steps involved in DCD (Dyspraxia) Screening


  1. DCD (Dyspraxia) Screening


Please download the DCD Screening Questionnaire (175kB), print it, complete it and hand it back to the reception desk at the DSS. The Occupational Therapist will read through the questionnaire and will get in contact with you when a screening appointment becomes available. An initial assessment will be carried out and it will be determined if a full assessment is necessary.


  1. Carry out DCD (Dyspraxia)  Full Assessment

The full assessment is made up of several parts and may take place over a number of different appointments, each lasting at least one hour or in one session lasting 2.5 to 3 hours. There is a fee of €180 for a full assessment. Students will also advised to seek an educational psychologist assessment also.  

  1. Follow-up and report

Once the assessment is complete the Occupational Therapist will meet the student and discuss the results. At this time the Occupational Therapist will provide the student with a written report detailing assessment scores and recommendations for the future. Following a diagnosis the student may register with Disability Support Services and an appointment will be made with the Disability Advisor for Students with SLD.


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