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If you are wondering how your exam accommodations will work in-person or online please click below for details

Registering with the Disability Support

PLEASE NOTE**** Students need to have met with their Advisor and received their needs assessment by Thursday 13th of October in order to avail of exam supports for the December end of semester exams.

Students studying in UCC can register with the Disability Support in order to receive the educational supports they need during their time in UCC.  

To register with the Disability Support:

1 - You must complete the DS registration on your MyStudentAdmin page.

2 -You will then receive two emails: one confirming that your registration has commenced and another requesting you to submit your medical verification on the DS Medical Verification Upload Form.

3 - After you have submitted your medical verification you will be sent the Code of Practice and you must confirm that you have read and understood it.

4 - You will then be asked to complete a brief compulsory form for funding purposes.

5 - After you have completed these steps you will receive the booking link to meet virtually with the relevant advisor.

6 - The Needs Assessment will take place via Microsoft Teams and relevant supports will be identified.

7 - You will be sent a copy of your needs assessment and relevant supports will be put in place.

If you have any problems with the above steps, please watch the video below. 


Registering with DS Infographic

This infographic shows the process of registerin with the DS.    Needs Assessment Infographic

Medical Verification

The link below details the relevant medical verification required for each category of disability in order to register:


Your Needs Assessment

Background to the Needs Assessment 

The conversation will focus on two aspects: the supports you may need in college and how DS can help with those, and educational/examination supports that need to be put in place for end of semester exams.  

If you have any access needs or preferences to enable you to fully participate in the assessment, please do let us know. It is very important to us that you are able to express your views and opinions so that we can ensure you get the most out of this process and that the recommendations we make are appropriate to your individual requirements.  

You may hear your advisor discuss ‘accommodations’. This does not mean accommodation such as student accommodation to live in. This is the professional term used to explain the range of supports and arrangements agreed with you to support you in UCC.  

Most importantly, this is never set in stone, and please let your Advisor know if you would like to review your supports at any time.  


How could this affect me? 

The Needs Assessment (your first meeting with your disability advisor) 

When you register with the University, you will have the option at this stage to commence your registration with the DS, and when you click ‘yes’ to that question at registration, the DS will create a registration case for you and send you emails (always to your student umail – you can access your student email (or umail). 

Some of the first emails may ask for things like medical verification (perhaps your diagnosis). If you came to college through the DARE scheme, we may have this, but we may also need to contact you looking for this, and we will ask you to email this in. We ask that student not drop paper documents to reception, as we can’t keep these securely, and they can get lost. In the first email you will have received from us, there is an upload link. We are asking all students to upload their medical verification to this link. Instructions are in the email.

Then the Advisor will send you an email with a bookings link, and ask you to book an appointment that fits with your schedule and timetable. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of the appointment to your UCC umail account. 

Online Needs Assessment

  1. When you are sent the email to book an appointment, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you have chosen a virtual appointment an email will be sent to you with the steps to login to your Teams account 
  2. If you are having a virtual meeting, you will need to be logged in and available at your appointment time, but please do not call or message the advisor on teams. They will call you. 
  3. If you are having your meeting in person, then please call to the Access UCC reception on the first floor of the Hub building and you will be directed where to go.  
  4. The meeting will start when the advisor calls you. They will start by working through a list of questions they have first, and then there will be time to discuss any questions you have. 
  5. You will then have a discussion about your experience of school, any accommodations you had for the Leaving Certificate or in school. You will have a chance to reflect on any recommendations in your diagnostic report, as well as raise any other issues of concern or questions. 
  6. The advisor will also need to ask some questions in relation to funding, such as being a member of an ethnic minority, your educational past, your nationality, and how long you have been living in Ireland. These are questions that are asked in relation to our funding, and should not be a cause for concern, but feel free to ask for any clarification or explanation as and when you need to. 
  7. A few days after the meeting, your needs assessment document will be emailed to you. This will be password protected with your date of birth in the format (dd/mm/yyyy).* 
  8. While changes can be made in the future, please be aware there are deadlines after which accommodations cannot be implemented for the next examination session. So please keep an eye on the DS website and social media for updates of any upcoming deadlines for changes to accommodations. While arrangements can be changed by agreement after this deadline, it will not be possible to implement them for the next exam session if the deadline has passed. In this instance, the accommodation changes will be implemented in time for the following exam session (end of semester exams) after that. 
  9. If you feel your supports aren’t meeting your needs it is your responsibility to contact your advisor and discuss this with them. 

 To be completed before the Needs Assessment

  • Medical documentation must be sent to the Advisor
  • Consider what was most challenging in school


Incoming International (non-EU), Visiting and Erasmus Students with Disabilities

If you are a student from outside the EU you must apply through the International Office. For more information please click

Students with disabilities or learning difficulties studying abroad can face additional challenges and may avail of supports while studying at UCC. You are advised to contact the Disability Service in UCC in advance of accepting your place so that we can advise you on the types of support available. Please email all enquiries to

You should apply for reasonable accommodations with the Disability Support Service as soon as you register for your UCC course. Information on applying for reasonable accommodations can be found in the information above. You will need to email a copy of your evidence of disability when applying for reasonable accommodations in UCC to

Please note:

* A letter listing your exam accommodations is not sufficient. 

* Reasonable accommodations that apply in your home country may not be applicable in UCC –The Accommodations that Incoming International students receive in UCC may differ from those accommodations received in the student’s home institution. Reasonable Accommodations for Incoming students will be identified as part of a Needs Assessment and in line with UCC and DAWN guidelines.  Please click here for more details:

* Evidence of disability must be provided in English. 

* Evidence of disability not originally in English must be translated by a recognised professionally recognised translator.


Funding for International Students

It is recommended that you contact the Disability Service in UCC in advance of accepting a place at UCC, so we can advise you on the types of support available. Incoming International and Erasmus, Visiting or Exchange students should apply for funded supports in their home country and/or home university in advance of arrival.

UK Students

Students from the UK (England, Scotland, and Wales) are not eligible for supports that may have been recommended in their Disability Student Allowance application in the UK. UK students with disabilities will be able to register for disability supports offered to all other students with disabilities and supports will be identified as part of a Needs Assessment.  Please make sure to review disability supports provided by UCC and exam accommodations (e.g. human note takers are now replaced, wherever possible, by lecture capture or assistive technology) when deciding on studying abroad.

Services not funded by UCC or External Funding Bodies

UCC funding does not cover expenditure for personal care, medical treatment/supplies or other supports required outside study/course contact hours or the academic year, including those that can reasonably be expected to be provided by another agency such as the local health service where you are ordinarily resident.

Disability Support Service

Seirbhís Tacaíochta do Dhaoine faoi Mhíchumas

Room 1.43, Access and Participation, First Floor, The Hub, Main Campus, University College Cork., T12 YF78