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Leonardo Project - Transition to Employment


‌ The growing number of students with disabilities in tertiary education has only a limited impact on their employment rate that has lowered in many EU states over the last years. Paradoxically many enterprises seeking to hire people with disabilities face difficulties in finding people with a university degree corresponding to their recruitment level.

Aim of the Project- Univers 'Emploi

The project "Univers 'Emploi" aims to develop a pedagogical device for efficiently assisting graduates with disabilities to access employment.

Expected Outcomes of the Project

This is an innovative transfer project that builds on the strategy developed by the University of Aarhus (Denmark). This strategy includes support towards and within the employment of disabled students at the heart of its teaching.

The expected gain from the implementation at the European level is to increase the employability competencies of graduates with disabilities at a European level by enhancing their personal understanding of the transition to employment.

Each University will engage with companies positive to disability to raise awareness of the ability of graduates with disabilities and the added value for companies and society to have diversity within the workforce.

The main products of this Univers 'Emploi project will be: a methodological guide for Universities interested in enhancing competencies of graduates to successfully access labour market and evaluated guidelines for companies interested in engaging in this market. Partners in the Project: The partners in this project are INS HEA Institute (France), in collaboration with Savoir et Competences Formation (France) and University of Aarhus (Denmark), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), University College Cork (Ireland) and the University of Rome "Foro Italico" (Italy).

Partners in the Project

The partners in this project are:

INS HEA Institute (France) in collaboration with Savoir et Competences Formation (France)

University of Aarhus (Denmark)

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

University College Cork (Ireland)

University of Rome "Foro Italico" (Italy).

Involvement of Irish Partners

Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork became partners in the Leonardo funded employment transfer project 'Univers' Emploi' in 2010. This project involved four universities in Denmark, France, Ireland and Italy over a two year project which ended in November 2012. The project aimed to enhance the employability skills of students with high end disabilities and each partner country piloted an employment support framework in the needs assessment process on a sample of 20 students.

The Disability Support Services in TCD and UCC assist students with developing self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy skills, and supports students in the acquisition of transferable skills. Despite this support, the transition to employment can be particularly challenging for students with sensory and physical disabilities and those with mental health difficulties.

Employment Planning Day

As part of the Leonardo Project the DSS hosted an Employment Planning Day on the 17th February 2012. Graduate and current students of the DSS were given tailored presentations on various topics. Read more

Project Documents

The Final Report

Ireland TCD UCC National Summary Report

Presentation on Irish Experience in Univers’ Emploi 

DSS Creative Job Hunting 

DSS CV's & Cover Letters 

DSS Interviews 

Presentation in Strasbourg Pathways towards Employment 12 Sept 2012‌‎

Project Newsletter 

February 2012 


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