Educational Support Workers

Educational Support Workers

Educational Support Workers

Educational Support Workers

An Educational Support Worker is recruited by the Disability Support Service on a part-time basis to provide individual assistance to student with disabilities in order to enhance their learning experience and help them fulfil their academic potential.

Please see our Educational Support Handbook and ESW Presentation for more details:

What is an Educational Support Worker?

Some examples of Educational Support Worker roles are:

Subject Specific Tutors

Tutors instruct students on a one-to-one or group basis in order to enhance the student’s understanding of material covered in a specific class or course. The tutor will have knowledge of the subject area and module content and will typically work with a student through the progression of a course/module, dedicating time each week to meet with the student and explain any course material with which the student is having difficulty.

Educational Assistants

An Educational Assistant will assist a student with a disability with educational support requirements that the student cannot complete independently. For example, assistance with mobility around the college/to and from lectures, carrying personal belongings, assistance with educational tasks or assignments


The role of a note-taker is to record accurate and detailed notes on the content delivered in lectures and other oral presentations for students


A proofreader will proofread the work of a dyslexic student, checking spelling and grammar and making suggestions with regard to structure, etc.

Exam Invigilator/Scribe/Reader

The Disability Support Service recruits Educational Support Workers to assist with the examinations of students. An invigilator supervises a student in a separate room on a one-to-one  basis; a Scribe will write the answers while the student dictates; a Reader will read the exam paper to the student.

Information Session Presentation

Educational Support Worker Information Session 2013

How to Apply

If you wish to make an application to be considered for the role of an Educational Support Worker please complete our ESW Application Form and return to:

Madeline Jennings
Disability Support Service
South Lodge
University College Cork

or email

Rates of Pay

For more information on rates of pay, please contact Madeline Jennings at 

Disability Support Service

Seirbhís Tacaíochta do Dhaoine faoi Mhíchumas

South Lodge, UCC, College Road, Cork