Physical Difficulty

Physical Difficulties Support Programme

The DSS has an advisor specifically to support students who have a physical disability. The role of this advisor is to engage with the student and to assess their need for academic supports. Relevant supports are then put in place as a result of this assessment.

The objective of the support programme is to support and empower students.

For more information please contact 


Tel: 021-4902985

Guidelines & Procedures


  • If a student is unable to meet a deadline for Continuous Assessment, they should contact the academic department as soon as possible
  • The Disability Support Service will no longer request extensions on behalf of students with disabilities

Splitting and Deferring Exams

  • In exceptional circumstances, a student may submit an application to split examinations over the Summer and Autumn Examination Schedule or defer examinations to the Summer Examination Schedule of the following academic year
  • Student must submit Consultant’s verification, advising of this option, on grounds of impact of disability before the end of November of academic year
  • Student must meet with academic department to seek authorisation and then meet with their Disability Advisor who will process the request


Guidelines for Using a Scribe

Fitness to Practice Policy UCC

Disability Support Service Code of Practice


1. How do I register with the Disability Support Service?

In order to register with the Disability Support Service, you need to make an appointment to meet with your Disability Advisor, Mary O’Grady, who will conduct a Needs Assessment. This will determine the supports that you may require during your time in University. Once these supports are identified, a Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS) will be provided to you. The LENS may then be forwarded to your academic department so that they too are aware of your needs.

The Disability Support Service may be contacted at (021)4902985 or at

2. What supports can I avail of as a student with a physical disability?

The Disability Support Service offers a range of supports to students with physical disabilities. These include:

  • Educational Supports – Educational Assistance, Alternative Examination Accommodations and Notetaking and Additional Tuition where necessary.
  • Technological Supports – Assistive Technology to include a range of hardware and software such as adaptive keyboards, voice activated software, Panopto, Digital Recorders and Livescribe Pens.
  • Personal Supports – Personal Assistance and On Campus Transport Service. 

3. I need to use Assistive Technology, where can I find out more about this?

If it is determined in your Needs Assessment that you may require Assistive Technology for your studies or examinations, you will be referred to the Assistive Technology Officer, Linda Doran, for an AT assessment. The type of Assistive Technology that you may benefit from will be identified and put in place for you.

In addition to this, the Disability Support Service operates an Assistive Technology Lab in the Boole Library. Students registered with the Service are welcome to use this service. It includes:

17 PC’s that have a variety of specialized software including;

  • Audionotetaker
  • A HP Touchscreen which is accessible on a height adjustable desk
  • 2 High Speed Cannon Scanners with document feed
  • A Zeta Scanner

4. Is the UCC Campus Accessible?

For the most part, the UCC campus is accessible. Lecture venues have ramps and accessible access installed. The Boole Library and Student Centre are both fully accessible. Many services on campus are also accessible. Whilst every effort is made to facilitate accessibility, in the event that you are having difficulty, please contact the Disability Support Service, who will be happy to assist you. Maps indicating accessible parking and toilets are also available at the Disability Support Service.

5. What assistance is provided to students with physical disabilities in relation to employment?

The Disability Support Service offers a Career Support Programme for current students with disabilities. This programme provides the following assistance and guidance to students as they prepare for the transition to employment or further study/training:

  • Assistance with application process
  • Interview preparation
  • CV preparation
  • Advice on disclosure and reasonable accommodations

For further information, please contact Barbara MacCarthy at or at 021 4903768.

6. How do I avail of the Accessible Transport Service?

Please contact the Disability Support Service with a copy of medical verification and your timetable and we will put you in touch with the Transport Service operator.

7. I drive an adapted vehicle, where should I park?

The Disability Support Service can organize access for you to park in an accessible parking space on campus. Please contact the Service with a copy of your IWA parking permit and car details and we will be happy to assist you.


For more information please contact Mary on:

Tel: 021-4902985

RED: Online Academic Skills

RED (Resources for Education) has been especially designed for all UCC students, to help them with their academic skills. It has sections on notetaking, preparing for exams and writing essays. It also has how-to guides, and tips for giving presentations. You can check it out at:


Guidelines, Useful Publications & Forms

A list of the DSS guidelies, publications and forms is available from this link

Timetable for Disability Bus

Monday to Thursday - see below

8.30am-8.45am Pick up students at Victoria Lodge/Castlewhite Appartments or other accommodation adjacent to UCC
9.00am Drop students at lecture venues on campus
9.30am-10.00am Pick up students on campus and drop them to off campus lecture venues (10am lectures)
3.45pm-4.00pm Collect students from off campus lecture venues and return to main campus and Boole Library or to 4pm lectures
5.00pm-6.15pm Collect students from off campus lecture venues and return to Main Campus and Boole Library or to 5pm and 6pm lectures. Collect students from lecture venues or main campus and return to accommodation.

Friday - 8.30am to 12.30pm

Tasks and venues similar to above as required

Disability Support Service

South Lodge, UCC, College Road, Cork