Our Graduates

Our Graduates


Mikey Smyth, EU Presidency Coordinator, Europe Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

(MBS International Public Policy and Diplomacy, 2011-2012)

“My position in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade involves coordinating and managing the policy aspects of the Department’s Presidency programme, working closely with the Department of the Taoiseach and Ireland’s Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels. The position requires a strong knowledge of foreign affairs and a good knowledge of EU processes, in particular, CFSP and CSDP; Enlargement; Development; EU Institutions, Councils and working groups; the EU legal systems; European trade; and global policy challenges.

The MBS International Public Policy and Diplomacy, in the form of its taught modules, the visiting lectures series, the fieldtrip to the European Institutes in Brussels, and internship experience, equipped me with the skills, knowledge and knowhow to be successful in my application for this position. My four month internship experience in the Irish Embassy in Berlin in particular was an important contributing factor as to why I was offered my current position, as I already had directly relevant working experience. I was in a fortunate position of actually having to cut short my internship to take up a paid position.”

MSc International Public Policy and Diplomacy

University College Cork