Research & Collaborations

We live in a global village often enabled by technology, so it is no surprise perhaps that the CDE is involved in inter-institutional collaboration. The projects listed below required some CDE input either at the application phase or in many cases throughout the development phase.

Funder Project Title Description
National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Transitioning to e-Assessment in Mathematics Education

Rollout of NUMBAS software across UCC and CIT.

ePrePP (Preparation for Professional Practice): Collaborative creation of a suite of digital tools to prepare healthcare students for professional practice

UCC-led project creating content to support medical professionals across different disciplines. Led to development of

TEL Tools – Pedagogical Resources for Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning

CIT-led project which led to the development of

Transformation Through Collaboration – Building Digital Literacy in HEIs

A UCC-led initiative involving 45 Digital Champions across 7 Irish higher education institutions - 


Seminar focussed on the Identity and Welleing line of Videos of presentations available on youtube. 

Social Policy Education: Enhancing Digital Skills (SPEEDS)

The core aim of the project is to support educators in social policy and the social professions to enhance their digital skills, thereby facilitating the development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning practices within our disciplines. 

Disciplines Inquiring into Societal Challenges (DISCs)

UCC-led initiative to develop an online self-assessment tool which anyone can log into and measure their progress in engaging identity and belonging, power and discrimination, building community and engaging conflict and consensus in the classroom. Through the project we’ll also develop a series of teaching exemplars which support professional development and ultimately a DISCs Strategy and Structured Implementation Plan, which will align with, and enhance, Ireland’s Professional Development Framework for staff who teach in higher education.
  Higher Education Language Educators’ Competences  (HELECs) Through consultation with stakeholders, this inter-institutional (University College Cork, Dublin City University, Maynooth University, Waterford Institute of Technology) team of Applied Linguists and language teaching experts are investigating the range of language teacher competences needed in Higher Education.  


Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions. The UniGov project seeks to address weaknesses in the existing governance systems across HEIs in Palestine.  
  Training visits to Edinburgh University, Imperial College London, University College London, Essex University, Uppsala University Sweden  
HEA Innovation and Transformation Programme Irish Universities Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning This project is aimed at enhancing the digital attributes and educational experiences of Irish university students through enabling the mainstreamed and integrated use of digital technologies across the teaching and learning process. The project aims to mainstream digital in teaching and learning activities in Irish Universities, by addressing the professional development of all who teach or support teaching and learning.
IUA Part-time and Flexible Learners subgroup of IUA Access Steering Group

Reporting to the Access Steering Group (ASG) for HEIs, this sub-group will consider the issues of part-time and flexible education in higher education, with a view to informing the discussion, shaping future developments, advising higher education institutions, and policy makers.


In addition to the above formal projects, the CDE interacts with colleagues across Ireland on an informal basis discussing topical issues around digital education. We expect to continue to support colleagues across the world who are interested in exploring collaboration in this area.

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