Informing Policy Development

Informing Policy Development

Because of the situation of the CDE in the Office of Vice President for Learning and Teaching, we are uniquely placed to be able to offer advice on digital education to university leadership. We sit on a range of range of committees and working groups across the university, including:

  • The Digital Education Advisory Group (formerly eLearning Subcommittee) reporting to the Academic Council Teaching and Learning Committee and the Academic Council Information Strategy and Education Resources Committee 
  • The Digital Badge Subcommittee of Academic Development and Standards Committee
  • The IT Steering Group 
  • Academic Programme and Regulations Programme Approval boards where online components are included in new programmes submitted for approval


The CDE was a key member of the VLE Selection Group that chose Canvas as UCC's institutional virtual learning environment in 2018 and continues to solicit staff feedback through the Canvas Steering Group.

In 2017, the CDE was to the forefront of supporting the development of Next Generation Learning Spaces in UCC, funded through a European Investment Bank loan. Two seminars were held in 2016 and 2017 featuring the international speaker, Stephen Heppell.


Recent strategic documents where CDE advice was sought include:


As the digital education space is a continuously shifting space, the CDE will continue to work with our colleagues across UCC to inform policy development.





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