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The Centre for Digital Education (CDE) together with the Centre for the Integration of Teaching & Learning (CIRTL), are delighted to launch ‘Teach Digi’ in June 2020– a series of digital educational training supports for UCC staff. All our recorded sessions can be directly accessed on our Teach Digi Sessions page. This, delivered in conjunction with the IUA’s ‘Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning’ project, aims to support UCC staff in their digital education professional development, alongside existing university wide supports. We encourage all UCC staff to join the IUA EDTL community to access the webinars and related resources, such as The EDTL Approach - a pathway with key considerations for those who are adapting a single module or a whole programme, normally taught wholly or partly face-to-face.


Teach Digi Summer Training Schedule

Each week has a topic and consists of two components:

  • a short prerecorded video uploaded here every Monday for you to view, and
  • an MS Teams webinar each Wednesday at 12pm. Please join the Teach Digi MS Team by clicking here to participate in these discussions. The webinars will be open discussion and Q&A sessions, after which we will provide any specific 'how-to' sessions as follow ups.
  • Click here to submit a question for the next live Q&A session


Click here for links to the current session as well as previous presentations and webinars.


Think (June)Plan (July)Teach (August)

17.06.2020: Thinking About Teaching Online

01.07.2020: (Re)Writing your Syllabi

05.08.2020: Discussion Boards

24.06.2020: Play to your Strengths

08.07.2020: Engaging Your Students (With CIRTL) 12.08.2020: GroupWork (With CIRTL)

24.06.2020: IUA 'Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning' Webinar

15.07.2020: Making your Module Student-Friendly 19.08.2020: Video

22.07.2020: Finding Teaching Materials

26.08.2020: Podcasting

29.07.2020: Accessibility (with the DSS)




Canvas Training - Open and Department Specific

Please note the CDE has ongoing Canvas training sessions, which will run throughout the summer. You can see a full schedule of these here. The CDE can also provide webinar sessions on a specific session for your school or department - please click here to book one of these.



Note also that we encourage all staff to book one-to-one consultations. A consultation is a one-on-one or small group meeting with a member of the Centre for Digital Education to answer questions about how to improve student learning through the use of technology.  Consultations can range from a hands-on 'show and tell' session to more general discussions around ideas related to the planning, delivering, or assessment of student learning. Please click here to book one of these consultations.



Why ‘Teach Digi’?


The Irish word for Digital is Digiteach and so we are playing with that word by breaking it up into Teach Digi – which literally means 'House of Digital'. While we realise most people will read the word as the English word ‘Teach’, we are using the Irish word ‘Teach’. Both meanings make sense and are appropriate to what we are doing in the Centre for Digital Education, supporting staff in their digital education professional development.


The report from the findings of the Irish National Digital Experience Survey, which was launched in May 2020, found that institutions need to “Ensure dedicated time, and recognition/reward, to support staff who teach as they engage in formal and informal professional development related to the digital aspects of their roles.” In establishing a dedicated series of professional development resources for UCC staff, Teach Digi aims to address the digital education supports for staff and address the relevant needs in a meaningful and responsive way.


Teach Digi will run throughout the months of June, July & August to ensure UCC staff are supported in their digital professional development skills and competencies.


The monthly content will be themed and so June, July & August will correspond with the themes of Think, Plan & Teach respectively. This series of webinars and related resources will be available online with ongoing support from our team of Instructional Designers who continue to offer consultations to staff either for their specific modules, or their programmes.


The findings of the Irish National Digital Experience (INDEx) Survey have provided an evidence base for our training, alongside informal and formal feedback from both UCC staff and students. Canvas training will continue to be delivered alongside the Teach Digi training.


We appreciate your feedback throughout the training series so please do not hesitate to get in touch. If there are any training needs which we have not captured in the schedule for the following months, please get in touch with us and we will respond accordingly.


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