The VP for Learning and Teaching's 2014 survey of staff identified a lack of awareness of the possibilities offered by technology as the most singificant obstacle to greater integration of technology into education. This finding has been identified again in the 2019 Irish National Digital Experience survey.

To address this issue, the CDE offers one-to-one consultations with staff.

A consultation is a one-on-one or small group meeting with a member of the Centre for Digital Education to answer questions about how to improve student learning through the use of technology.  Consultations can range from a hands-on 'show and tell' session to more general discussions around ideas related to the planning, delivering, or assessment of student learning. Past consultations have included:

  • discussions of possible solutions to an individual or discipline-specific issue;
  • advice on how to implement a desired (or mandated) change;
  • assessments of the feasibility of proposed innovations;
  • improving/expanding use of a specific tool for teaching;
  • advice and feedback on technical aspects of proposed modules or programmes;
  • efforts to resolve a Canvas query beyond the scope of existing training, the 24/7 Canvas help, or other supports;
  • advice on potential solutions for staff with technical problems unsure of where to look for solutions (such sessions often end with a referral to the appropriate UCC office);
  • advise on how to develop an idea for a digital badge or discuss a badge proposal;
  • discuss technological aspects of programmes applying for full programme approval; and
  • advice on how to conceive of and design online learning materials (ranging from support materials for face-to-face teaching to blended modules to fully online programmes).  In such cases, Instructional Designers may build sample content to demonstrate suggestions, etc. but academic units are responsible for building, maintaining, and managing such modules or programmes.

It is important to note that a consultation is not a substitute for attending training sessions or seeking technical support from the appropriate UCC office.

To book a consultation, please complete the form here and one of the CDE team will reply to you as soon as we can.

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