CMS Training

CMS Training Courses

CMS Training Courses

CMS Training Courses

There are three courses currently offered by the Training Centre

  • A CMS Overview
  • CMS Level 1
  • CMS Level 2

The discriptions of each course are detailed below. Books are taken through the Training Centre email:

Content Management Overview

Discover what is involved in planing, creating and maintaining a UCC website. Learn what resources and supports are available to help you create an effective website. 

Training Dates

See our timetable section for upcoming trainng dates.

Course Content

Presentation style delivery with question and answer session. Topics covered will include:

  • Responsive design - what it is and how it works on the UCC website
  • Planning a departmental website
  • Identify your audience
  • Migrating sites - what resources are available
  • Images and video 

Duration: 1 hour approximately

There are a maximun of 10 places available on this course.

To book a place on this course, or any of our courses please email

Content Managment System: Site Manager Training Level 1

Terminal Four Site Manager is the name of the Content Management System that UCC uses to create, maintain and update websites on the UCC webserver in the UCC style. the Level One CMS course aims to help users get to grips with the system. It covers sections and basic content types. Users can look after their website without the need to know HTML or other web programming languages without having to worry about the look and feel of their site.

Training Dates

Training is online only due to COVID 19. Please go to our Bookings Page for upcoming dates.

Course Contents:

This course is aimed at beginners and includes:

  • Introduction to SiteManager
  • Planning your website
  • Adding and Modifying Sections
  • Adding and Modifying Content
  • Using the Media Library
  • Approving Content for Publication

Duration: 0.5 days (9.30am-1pm approx)

There are a maximum of 10 places available on this course


Book your CMS training place online

If you have issues booking please email 

CMS How to guides (for use after training)

We have recently created an updated suite of video tutorials covering all the content of the CMS Training Course.

You might find these useful after training to refresh your memory and aid you as you begin using CMS.

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