UCC Website Platforms

UCC Website Platforms

IT Services supports two types of website platforms for UCC:

  1. Sites for UCC business units implemented through the TerminalFour Content Management System, or CMS.
  2. Sites for research projects and social pages implemented through standalone WordPress platforms. 

1. Terminalfour CMS

The default platform is the Terminalfour CMS. The vast majority of UCC sites are implemented through this platform. Our highest level of support is available for these sites. The CMS does not require any previous technical knowledge of websites — you don't need to know HTML to create a UCC website through the CMS. This is the quickest and easiest way to get a website up and running, and which we provide classroom based training, online "How To" guides as well as email and phone support should you run into any difficulties. 

The CMS allows us to maintain UCC websites more efficiently, and to effectively apply the UCC brand to all central websites. The appearance of sites managed through the CMS is more uniform, and changes made to content types and page layouts are available to all sites. So if we improve something for one site, we can roll-out that improvement to all sites in a straightforward manner. Any additional templates created for you by the panel of Web Design Support Suppliers (following the Visual Identity Guidelines) will be made available to all users. 

2. WordPress Standalone

This option will only be implemented if there is a truly critical strategic business or technical requirement that cannot be facilitated through the CMS
We can only facilitate them if:

  • developed by one of our approved suppliers
  • SLA - Service Level Agreement between the supplier and the site owner. That is a documented and permanent commitment on behalf of the site owners to maintain the code for such sites in a secure manner. This is done at the site owners cost.

If the site requires development by a third party developer then you will need to be put in place a maintenance or support contract with that developer.

Regardless of whether you want option 1 or 2 above you MUST make a request through the Digital Estate Working Group at: Get a New Website

Digital Estate Working Group

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