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  • T4 CMS sites require attendance and completion of the CMS training before we can set up your account. 

UCC websites

We in the DEWG are working on improving the process for UCC colleagues to request new websites. As we work to introduce a more concrete web content strategy, the process for requesting and developing UCC websites will evolve. For now we will continue to use the process below but we would strongly recommend that any new site request be followed by a conversation with our web content stratgegist, Maurice Ryder

1. Fill in the "Site Request" form below:

All site owners** / primary moderators*** must complete this form. Please note that all sites will be implemented using the T4 CMS platform unless there are very extenuating circumstances. See UCC Website Platforms for more information on the differences between the different platforms that are available and the circumstances in which alternative platforms will be facilitated.

2. Read our information on content creation first principles

It is very important to consider the content of the site before you start planning the structure of the site. The content will inform the structure. We have outlined some important considerations and questions that you should answer for yourself before moving on to the next stage. Read our information on content creation first principles.

3. Fill in the UCC Website Information Architecture Template:

You should fill in the details of what you envisage for your new site. Once you have completed the IA template, email it to

4. Discuss on your requirements:

Once we have received your completed "Site Request" form, our web content strategist will make contact then to discuss requirements and offer guidance on which platforms would be most beneficial as well as an approach to take to the development process of both the site and the content of the site. we will be in contact to discuss your requirements. You should have completed the "UCC Website Information Architecture Template" and returned it to before this discussion. During this discussion we will:

  1. Discuss your site requirements
  2. Give advice on the best way to proceed (will you be performing the development yourself or will you require student assistance / external developers to assist with the development).
  3. Outline the resources available (what training will you need, what content needs to be created, what content exists already and who to go to to get assistance with this). 
  4. Identify the important dates, milestones and tasks to be acheived on the road to making your site live. 
  5. Help you develop a plan for developing your site (including going through the steps required depending on the size / complexity of your site).

5. Attend CMS Training: 

If your primary moderator has not already done so, they will need to complete the online CMS training course

6. Develop your site:

Once you have your plan, you can carry on with developing your site using the Terminal Four content management system (CMS).

If you have a CMS account, we can set you up with a skeleton site structure on our testinternet channel. If you need assistance you can always email for help or use our CMS How To Guides to guide you in the process. 

7. Make your site "live":

Once you're happy with your site, let us know and we can take a quick look. If the site is satisfactory we can move the new site from the test site to the live site. 

If you have any queries in relation to this, please email

Site Request form

**: The site owner is usually the head of the organisational unit in question. They have ultimate responsibility for websites belonging to their organisational unit. 
***: The primary moderator is nominated by the site owner and is the person with day-to-day responsibility for the creation and maintenance of their unit's website.

Fields marked with a * must be completed. 

See the UCC Privacy statement for information in relation to the collection of data in UCC.

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