Style 2017

Training Manual

Dealing with long pages

The new style has resulted in many much longer pages. The guide below details how to handle them. 

New Content Types Image Sizes

Content TypeImage Size in PixelsFile Typequality
2017 Banner 1920 x 708 JPG Quality 7
Banner image for a course page 1920 x 720 JPG Quality 7
2017 Spotlight 1056 x 719 JPG Quality 7
2017 Profile 1270 x 550 JPG Quality 7
2017 Link Box 500 x 500 JPG Quality 7
Logo 200 x 120 JPG Quality 7
Icon 150 x 150 PNG (transparent) Interlace None

Note re old content type image sizes:

Please note existing content types, such as banner image with title and spotlight block, image sizes remain the same. For functional homepage boxes and righthand side callout boxes images now should be square. 200 x 200 pixels will work for both. 

New Content Types

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