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2017 UCC Style Introducation

2017 UCC Style Introducation

New UCC Website Style

Support materials for the new style are currently being generated. Basic information can be found on our Style 2017 section.

Pop Up Blocker

The first time you preview a section a pop-up block might prevent the preview from being displayed.


  • Look for the red X - the top right-hand side of your browser window

  • Click this and choose always allow
  • Click Done

allow popups

  • Refresh the page using F5
  • Then preview the section again.


Pop-up blockers display differently in different browsers. The instructions above are for Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer (blue E icon), or Firefox, or Safari, do a google search to make sure you recognise the pop-up blocker when it displays.

Publishing and Style

Sites will publish on an hourly schedule as before. There's no change to the appearance of your website, so pages should display as before. If your website is displaying oddly please email 

Introductory Training Materials

Training Manual


Training videos for the new V8 system - including webpage basics, creating a homepage, and beyond the basics - are available below.

Creating a Basic Page

The following demos show you the steps involved with creating a basic page on your website.

Basic structure management:

 The Media Library:

Inserting Documents, and Links

Deleting Items


Beyond the Basics

News Sections

Expiring Content

Location Maps

Metadata - Making your website searchable

CMS tutorial Videos

Above you will find links to our suite of CMS tutorial videos. These videos are for CMS moderators who are working on UCC styled departmental, project, or research internet webpages.

Intranet Users

The intranet is styled differently and mainly contains meeting minutes and agends. Download the Intranet Meeting and Agenda Guide - a CMS guide (1,215kB) for instructions on setting up a meeting section and adding agenda items.

Digital Estate Working Group

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