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Whistle stop tour of the CMS V8 Interface

Learn about Sections

The following demos show you the steps involved with creating a basic page or section on your website.

Working with sections (pages):

Help Google find your page

Working with Content

Content: the stuff on your page, e.g. Text, images, links. The videos below will show you how to add basic content to a page/section of your site. 

Dealing with long pages

The new style has resulted in many much longer pages. The guide below details how to handle them. 

Image Sizes and the CMS

Content Type Image Size in Pixels File Type
2017 Image Banner 1920 x 708 JPG
2017 Image Banner (reduced height) 1920 x 650 JPG
Image Banner (New 2021) 1020x650 JPG
Image Banner mobile (Nov 2021) 1024 x 640 JPG
Banner image for a course page 1920 x 720 JPG
2017 Spotlight 1056 x 719 JPG
2017 Profile 1270 x 550 JPG
2017 Link Box 472 x 472 JPG
2017 Connect Box 500 x 500 JPG
Logo (updated Nov 2021) 400x260 JPG
Icon - for use with link circle 150 x 150 PNG (transparent)
News-Item  800 x 400 JPG
Personal Details 400 x 400 JPG

Note re old content type image sizes:

Please note existing content types, such as banner image with title and spotlight block, image sizes remain the same. For functional homepage boxes and righthand side callout boxes images now should be square. 200 x 200 pixels will work for both. 

Allow Pop Ups

The first time you preview a section on your PC a pop-up blocker might prevent the preview from being displayed.


  • Look for the red X - the top right-hand side of your browser window

  • Click this and choose always allow
  • Click Done

allow popups

  • Refresh the page using F5
  • Then preview the section again.


Pop-up blockers display differently in different browsers. The instructions above are for Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer (blue E icon), or Firefox, or Safari, do a google search to make sure you recognise the pop-up blocker when it displays.

Webshots - Supplementary Information for CMS Moderators

The ongoing webshot learning series covers a wide variety of topics that are of use to CMS moderators. Each session is recorded, past webshots can be viewed online. 

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