Webshot 31 - Getting to know your audience through audience research

Overview and Sign-up

Our content planning process tells us that knowing our audience is important in knowing what content to put on our websites. But how do we get to know our audience? In this webshot we will outline the audience research process that we have developed and show you how you can use this for your own purposes.  

  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2021
  • Time: 12-1pm

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Digging Deeper

Here is some additional information to support the content of the webshot and provide some deeper context to the information session. 

Glossary of Terms

Term Meaning
Audience Research The process by which you discover more about the different audiences that you have for your website and other communications channels. This is part of the overall Website Content Planning process
4 Types of audience information

The 4 categories of information that you want to know about your audience

  1. Information needs – what information do they need
  2. Channels – what channels (e.g. web, social media, email) do they use to access information
  3. Motivations and values – what motivates your audience and what values do they hold
  4. Influences and distractions – who are the people that influence your audience, and what things distract them
Discovery workshops

A type of workshop we use to find out what we don’t already know about our audience which in turn gives us direction for our investigations

Audience research plan A set of activities such as surveys, workshops, interviews and other methods that we use to answer a specific set of questions to give us greater insight into our audience.

Websites supporting audience research


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