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Pubble Q&A

Pubble Q&A

What is Pubble?

Pubble is a community engagement platform that brings the social web to your site. What this means is that the Pubble system allows users to type questions directly to a group of moderators through a specific webpage. These questions are displayed on the site immediately and the moderators can be assigned questions to answer. The moderators then answer their assigned questions. The answers are immediately posted to the live site, similar to a twitter feed.

How does it work?

Moderators will be setup on A Pubble Q&A app is created by the Pubble administrators (DEWG members). The relevant moderators are given access to the app. The app is in essence a code snippet. Once the code is generated it needs only to be added to the site that is hosting the Q&A using the “code only” content type in the CMS.

Once the code is added to the CMS site and published out, the Q&A moderators must login to the site in order to begin answering questions.

Once the Q&A is live, questions can be assigned to a specific moderator. 

Requirements necessary to deliver a Q&A

In order to run a sucessful Q&A session the following instructions must be followed:

IT Services Requirements

  • Advanced notice of the Q&A
  • Email 
    • 2 or more weeks’ notice as this allows time for promoting the Q&A session via the main UCC site and social media channels.
    • Start and finish times for the session (as a manual publish of the section will be required to guarantee the app is available at the specified time, it is essential that the web team be kept in the loop).
  • Names and details (email addresses, photographs) of all the moderators that need access to the session.
    • IT services would create any new moderators that were not already on the system.
  • Details of the page on your site (and its associated CMS section) on which the Q&A session will be located.

Department level requirements

  • Send an email to with “Pubble Q&A Session Request” in the subject line.
  • One or more moderators that are familiar with Pubble
  • Laptops or a location with suitable PC’s (Pubble works on an iPad but you will find it much easier to respond promptly to questions if you are using a mouse and keyboard)
  • A location with sufficient network points, Wi-Fi access and sockets
  • A dedicated section on the relevant website

Media Requirements

To get the most our of your event you will need to involve the Media and Public Relations  Department

  • Contact Marketing and Communications minimum two weeks’ lead in time. Subject line “Pubble Q&A Session
  • Required Information for Press Release
    • Description of who the session is targeting, i.e. what the aim of the session is (e.g. CAO queries, Fees information, Chemistry conference, Clubs and Societies information)
    • Names of staff members participating in the session, areas they represent and photographs of each participant
    • A quote or two from some participants in anticipation of the event
  • Publicise session in advance via UCC’s internal social media mailing list – ask colleagues to share the word via Facebook and Twitter. Email the list – if not a member of the list already, email to be added to the list.
  • Submit event to UCC’s event calendar  - will be sent to over 4000 staff daily and weekly, as well as reaching a number of regional and local press.
  • Consider using social media during the event to publicise the questions – by tweeting questions or comments about the session and tagging @UCC you can publicise your event as it runs. A unique hashtag for your event will also help – e.g. ‘#askUCC’ 

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