Web Content Strategy

Web Content Strategy Projects

Following the redevelopment of the UCC website, the digital estate working group have initiated a series of projects to ultimately introduce a web content strategy for the university. Led by the Web Content Strategist, there are three projects planned:

  1. Web Content Strategy Audit and Analysis
  2. Web Content Strategy Formulation
  3. Web Content Strategy Implementation

Audit and Analysis

The first web content strategy project will involve an audit and analyis of the current state of website content in UCC.

  • The project will look at how web content is managed from a governance, workflow, substance and structure perspective.
  • The project will also look to define a set of reporting dashboards to give site owners a view of the performance of their websites.
  • The project will also deliver a series of information sessions (Webshots). 
  • Finally, the project will see the delivery of a report to UMTO on the current state of affairs, which can then be used as the foundation for the subsequent web content strategy formulation project. 

User needs survey

A follow up User needs website usability survey was carried out between 8 Feb and 8 Mar 2018. The results showed a clear and significant improvement to the end users' experience of the UCC website. 

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