Intranet Retirement - QuickMinutes Roll Out


Aim: The aim of this project is to retire the Intranet and move active committees and meetings to QuickMinutes.

Status: IT Services has acquired a licence for QuickMinutes. Active intranet users are currenlty being identified so they can be moved to the new system


Colleges, schools, departments, and centres currently use a number of systems to record and manage various meeting and committee documentation. The largest of the systems used is the Intranet. The Intranet is part of the T4 Content Management System used for UCC website. 

The Intranet in its current form has been in existence for as long as UCC has used the T4 content management system. No development has been done to improve the look of the system or its basic security features as it was only ever meant to be a stop gap solution. The T4 Intranet does not comply with the updated security needs of the university. Due to this the system is being retired. Current users of the system will be moved on to a new system QuickMinutes 


June 2018: Tender process was run to establish a system to replace the current Intranet

August 2018: Issue with O365 integration held up the roll out of QuickMinutes

September 2018: Issue with integration with O365 has been resolved. Roll out to commence. 

Have you registered your current use of the Intranet?

We are keen to contact all users of the INTRANET. If you have not yet filled out the Intranet Retirement form please continue to the Information Gathering section.

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