Past Projects

Live Q&A Platform - Complete


On Tuesday 24 June 2014, we piloted the Pubble Q&A app to run a live Q&A session for CAO applicants on the UCC website. Applicants were invited to ask our panel of seven experts questions directly, for an hour long live session.

The panel of seven included:

  • Mags Arnold, College of Medicine and Health
  • Loretta Brady, College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
  • Jennifer Murphy, Admissions Office
  • Rebecca Noonan, Marketing and Communications
  • Kate O’Brien, College of Science, Food Science and Engineering
  • Maurice Ryder, IT Services
  • Anne Wallace, College of Business and Law


The session was successful, with a question being answered every minute for an hour. We are happy with the outcome of the first session, and hope to run further live questions and answers sessions in future - watch this space!


Given the success of the 3 Pubble sessions that were held, IT Services and the DEWG are delighted to add Pubble Q&A of our list of available services.
Information on how to arrange your own Q&A can on found on our Available Resources page or the IT Services Pubble page.

Rough Cuts - Complete


The ‘Rough Cuts’ concept stems from an opportunity identified by members of the  Digital Estate Working Group to supply news outlets with UCC video footage catering to their tight deadlines. This is in the belief that video content is more likely to be used if it is received in good time to link into a story appearing online/in print the following day. Complimentary to the longer high quality offerings of AVMS, which tend to be commissioned by various stakeholders across campus, the ‘Rough Cuts’ treatment is exactly as it sounds – acceptable quality footage and editing with a stronger emphasis on turnaround time to exploit a short timeframe.


Criteria for Rough Cuts UCC

Potential projects could be identified on basis of:

  • High news value to mainstream news media.
  • Strategic value to UCC as per the waypoints set out in UCC’s most current Strategic Plan and/or Communications Grid.
  • Advance notice to AVMS/Office of Media and Public Relations of at least 2-4 weeks filed for a high profile event (accepting that breaking news may not lend itself to this). Such notice will help with scheduling and also allow lead-time for pitching to media.



The concept has already been piloted successfully, during the launch of UCC Health Matters Day in October 2013. Following discussions with the Irish Examiner, it led to the following offering, with the inaugural Rough Cuts feature embedded:


Rough Cuts is resource intensive given the short turnaround time required. Payment for this service will generally be required from the party requesting unless the video is deemed to be either of very high strategic value to UCC or to have some form of charitable/community value, at which point further discussions can be had to assess feasibility

Sports Website - Complete

Members of the digital estate working group worked with the department of sports and physical activity to redevelop the DSPA digital estate. 

Website Design Migration Project - Complete


Following the development of the new UCC website design, which went live on 28 February 2013, individual organisational unit websites will be migrated to the new UCC website design. The project will consist of a pilot phase and 3 other phases, during which IT services will engage with website owners to facilitate the migration of their sites. Student help will be used to perform the majority of migrations. The new content types in the content management system will be utilised to improve the provision of information and the appearance of organisational unit websites. The new design is a responsive design so moving sites to this design will automatically enable the sites as mobile friendly. 


Phase Number of Sites
Live Pre Migration 28
Pilot 13
Phase 1 123
Phase 2 147
Phase 3 ~ 50
Total Sites ~ 347

The website migration project is now completed. A report on the project can be found at: Website Design Migration Project final report

Started: April 2013

Completion: August 2014

George Boole 200


In 2015 UCC will commemorate Boole’s legacy, marking the bicentenary of his birth (2 November 2015), with a year long celebration involving a number of events and conferences, under the banner of George Boole 200. Members of the Digital Estate Working Group worked to support the commemorations by assisting in the development of an online presence to showcase the celebrations.

Progress: went live in September 2014, and has received much positive attention to date. It was nominated as a finalist for the 2014 Web Awards in the Most Beautiful Website and Best Microsite categories. If you would like to contribute, or have any comment about the website, please get in touch - 

Wavebreak Media Collaboration


In order to boost our central image collection (uPic), members of the Digital Estate Working Group have worked with Wavebreak Media to gather a large quantity of new imagery, from across a wide range of strategically important areas. Colleagues from across the university have with representatitves of the group to ensure that we highlight some of the unique offerings available on campus.


A number of days of photoshoots have taken place in different areas around the university, headed up by the university photographer. Photographs will be made available to colleagues uPic once the Digital Asset Management project is complete. In the interim, images can be requested via

Digital Asset Management


Members of the Digital Estate Working Group are working to upgrade the university's existing repository,uPic,to include all rich media including photographs and film. The new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system will be a resource accesible to all colleagues.


The DAM working group are investigating processes and troubleshooting the new version of uPic before rolling out to colleagues. If you are interested in becoming involved, please email

UCC Pulse - Events Calendar and Distribution List


A wide variety of events take place across the university community every day, sometimes simultaneously. In the interests of promoting the events as widely and as effectively as possible, members of the Digital Estate Working Group have developed a central calendar that any staff member can submit an event to.

Events entered into the calendar are collated into a list which is then emailed on a regular basis to all staff as well as select external media. The events calendar is displayed at the bottom of the homepage of the university website.

Issuing one central email has proved very effective in efficiently promoting and publicising the variety of activities that take place, while reducing the number of individual emails that would otherwise need to be sent in order to promote the events.

If you would like to submit your event, click here.

UCC Rebranding Project

UCC has recently engaged in a rebranding process. 

Our Visual Identity Guidelines will be available shortly.

Interim Visual Identity Guidelines

Our Interim Visual Identity Guidelines ( Branding Interim Guidelines) contain information on our:

  • logo artwork
  • colour palette
  • corporate fonts

Branded Templates

A set of fully branded PowerPoint and Word templates are available to staff on request from

Have a query?

If your query is not covered by the interim guidelines above, please get in touch –

UCC Student App


UCC via the DEWG and in conjunction with the Students Union are looking to commission a cross platform UCC Student mobile application. 


The app went to tender on the 5th of February. Vendors have until the 16th to submit their proposals. It is hoped to select a provider around the 17th of February, with the App completed in time for the next academic year. 

Digital Estate Working Group

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