Policies and Procedures

Digital Estate Policies and Procedures

Below you will find a list of policies, procedures, guidelines and position papers governing UCC's digital estate. You must familiarise yourself with all of these policies and procedures before taking over the management of any portion of UCC's digital estate. 

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The primary policy governing UCC's digital estate is the Web and Social Media Policy. Please read this before undertaking any activity in relation to the creation and maintenance of any part of the university's digital estate. 


Document Purpose Status
Apps Position Paper This document outlines the official position of the digital estate working group with regards to the development of mobile apps for university use. Approved
Branding Interim Guidelines This provides branding guidelines for members of the university community. Approved (Interim)
Film Guidelines

This set of guidelines is intended to inform the UCC ‘preferred panel of suppliers’ of the film production process within the university.

iTunes U Guidelines These guidelines outline the content upload procedure for academic and non academic content to UCC's iTunes U platform. Approved
Language Style Guide The purpose of this document is to show members of the UCC community how to write effectively for an online audience. Approved
Metadata ChecklistMetadata Checklist (281kB) This document outlines how to apply metadata to your UCC digital assets. Draft
Web and Social Media Policy This policy clarifies how the University governs this digital estate and also provides guidelines for users when creating non-academic digital content on behalf of the University. Approved
Website Style Guide (draft)  This document outlines how to apply UCC's brand guidelines and visual identity to webpages. Draft

Digital Estate for Communications Group

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