Basic Rules - UCC Style Decisions


UCC respects the complexity and fluidity of gender identity and expression and advocates for the use of language that supports this. 

When writing about a specific subject, respect their preferred gender identity and expression and use any stated preferred pronouns that the subject has asked you to use when referring to them. 

In general, our house style is to use "they/them/theirs" when referring to a gender neutral single party. Please don't use specific gendered pronouns ('he' or 'she' or 's/he' or 'he/she') when referring to people, or a person, in general.

So, instead of "The typical student is anxious about his exam results", use "The typical student is anxious about their exam results."

It is perfectly acceptable to use "they/them/theirs" in the singular. After all, in English, their is no differentiation between "you/yours" singular and plural. 

Also, use gender-neutral titles where possible: chair or chairperson, not chairman/chairwoman, actor not actress. 

Linking to Other Pages

Hyperlinks are the links in a webpage that, when clicked on, open other pages in the UCC website or in external websites, or link to downloadable documents.

Don’t use phrases such as click here or more. Create links that explain what is being linked to (both for your readers and the search engines).

Many visitors will arrive at your website on pages other than the home page, so remember to hyperlink to relevant information that they may have bypassed.


Guidelines for how to use UCC’s logo correctly are available at:

To request the artwork for the UCC logo, email


Write like this, with no spacing: €655.50.

Use the symbol € as in €6.5 million. The plural is euro and cent.

For US dollars and sterling, use the symbols: US$2,000 and £3,000.

Write out million and billion in full, as in €7.2 million.

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