CMS Version Eight Introduction

CMS Version Eight Introduction

The upgrade of UCC's CMS will take place soon. A test version is now available for you to explore. 


The test system is using a snapshot of the UCC site that was captured on October 15th 2016. Any new sites or users that have been set up since will not be available on the test system. Any edits you make on the test system will not affect your live site. 

Temporary CMS Login Link

Login with your existing CMS details.

If your existing CMS login does not work, please email requesting a set of training credentials. When we go live a new updated snapshot of the site will be taken with all new user accounts and pages being carried over.

Publishing and Style

Sites on the test system will publish out to on an hourly schedule. There's no change to the appearance of your website, so pages should publish as before.

Training Manual

CMS V8 Training Manual - Level One (2,361kB)


Additional Training Materials will be added closer to the systems go live date. 

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